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Thread: What i never like about LIS game

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    What i never like about LIS game

    What I never liked is the characters change in each episode (max and chloé attitude,personality) I think the debut episode (episode1) was the best its clearly debuted the both main and side characters like max,chloé and the students, debuted the world AB perfectly both max and chloé was the best in Episode1 and Episode2 max and chloé attitude, personality,lifestyle. I never liked how Dontnot change this in episode 4-5.

    I mean both chloé and max fans is loved chloé and max because what they saw in episode1 and episode2, we loved chloé because she was rebellious,punk,reckless,her attitude,personality was way different than max or the "normal" other girls,
    and we loved max because she was shy,never talked too much,retro girl, who always looked back the past, love photography girl. And this is changed in episode4-5 this is what I hated in this game this two character is changed in the game ending.

    And the young max and chloé looked pretty awful in episode 3, the original concept was better(in debut episode the picture when young max and chloé was playing pirate) plus the soundtrack disc.
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    What change in character do you mean exactly? The normal development or something else?

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    The original concept looked too similar to current Max and Chloe in my opinion, the new concept looks more like children. Also, I believe that Max and Chloe didn´t change their characters. I absolutely loved Max´s character, she just realized something new, I believe she is still shy, introverted, lovely geeky Max.

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