I played through and I found the graphics are okay. Gameplay was fairly fluid disguises were usable and have the standard convention that someone of the same type will notice you more than someone else. It seems like intuition is overpowered as you can see-through floors and all around. It didn't seem to be nearly as difficult as the older ones to me. I achieved all of the challenges on the first map and more than a third on the second before I ran out of play time. Some of the achievements are mutually exclusive elusive like wearing all disguises or never using a disguise. There was some of that before but it seemed a bit more in your face wanting you to repeat the level at least 4 to 5 times each. Seems like the guards are still quite blind and deaf occasionally.

Only had a few glitches here and there and nothing that interfered with gameplay progress. Most were graphical, ladies midriff disappeared and once a boat bystander got frozen when I decide to go homicidal maniac a kill everyone. I think he runs to slow as well, took forever to catch everyone when I tried to off everyone on the boat.

One other thing I found rather annoying was the press and hold to perform an action. Really having to hold G for about a second to activate my escape seemed odd but I could live with that. What I actively disliked was lets say I want to drop a weapon - I have to equip it, stand there like a moron holding whatever I want to drop for about a whole second while I held the drop button. That seemed to just irk me. Can't it just be instant like opening doors still is?