Thread: How bout a heads up

How bout a heads up

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    How bout a heads up

    Man I feel like a newbie again, my posts are at square one, Im out of the loop, and its been a long time since Ive played Thief. Seems like just yesturday i was perfect ghosting Baffords and the word "ghosting" just hit the spotlight. And to top it all off Clayman and Screech are gone. whats a thief to do? I dont even see much conversation about original Thief missions and people asking what the heck to do anymore, I guess that will all come back once Thief 3 is out (dammit hurry up spector).

    But anyways ( my nice little speal there) Id like to know what some of the really good FMs are nowadays. I need to get back in the loop again. btw hows the UT Thievery, does it have the "feeling" of thief?

    p.s. Does anyone have a screenshot of the very first Thief forum (not the one thats dying now).

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    Check TTLG Gen discussion. The same question was asked there recently.

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    Aaaaaah I saw Screech as a new member this afternoon.
    All is not lost, this forum is addicting. No worries there.
    Go check out the member list.....

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    Yeah Screech!!! Is anyone else missing?

    Slyfoxx, shame on you Sending Optik to another forum

    Optik, try Hallucinations by Frobber. I haven't played it yet, but have heard good things

    And I've only played about 5 minutes of Thievery, but the few minutes I played was very close to the feel. I'm planning on playing some tonight if I don't look for dromed on my comp

    BA, glad to see it's official now. Do you charge for private parties

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    if you play Hallucinations, you'll hear SlyFoxx as Garrett, and yours truly!

    Aaaah Stikboy.....we can barter.....

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    Broken, out of curiosity were you able to keep the original date of registration? Because mine used to be apr 2000 aswell

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    Can't swing like she does however, I'll throw an answer out

    If you ask GM nicely, or beg profusely, he'll change the reg date for you. But don't even ask about post count