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Thread: Shatter Objects

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    Necro Guest

    Shatter Objects

    Hi all. I want to have a door opened when a vase is shattered. Is there a special shatter object needed or can any shatter object be used? (preferably a vase)

    How would I set it up? Just have a heavy trigger under the vase for the door to open?


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    yes, just have a heavy trigger below the shatter object
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    Make sure you click on the door set it to heavy and then place it under the vase .

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    Necro Guest
    Hi all. I have changed the door to a flame_emitter 2. I have a room with a set of keys on a pedisal and the keys are set on fire (flame_emitter 2). I want to be able to shoot 2 vases before the flames are extinguished.

    I have a heavyantitrigger below both vases and in the set trigger type box, I have the first 2 buttons pressed under the first vase and the last 3 buttons pressed in the second vase

    But -

    the flames are extinguished after I shoot the first vase.

    What am i doing wrong? Do i need to set some OCb in the vases themeselves?


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    Make sure that the first vase has the numbers 1+2 buttons are black. On the second vase, make sure the numbers are 3+4+5 are black. On the heavy trigger under the first vase, the numbers 1+2 must should be set to black. For the second heavy trigger make sure the numbers 3+4+5 are black. If this doesn't work, switch the numbers on the heavy trigger. (ie. first heavy trigger 3+4+5: second heavy trigger 1+2)

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    Necro Guest
    I have tried both ways and the flames are still extinguished after only 1 vase has been shot

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    I'll create a prj later today to see if i can get it to work.

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    If you turn on the flame emitter all the time (by turning on all buttons 1-5 in the OCB) then you can use triggers to turn it off instead of antitriggers. Then it will work.

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    Necro Guest
    Cheers That worked. and i found that flame emitter 1 was better to use too.


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