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Thread: Does anyone know... with certainty....

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    Does anyone know... with certainty....

    Does anyone know when Hitman will be able to be pre-ordered on the Xbox One IN THE MICROSOFT MARKETPLACE? Obviously people can pre-order it here or at GameStop, but I have a lot of Microsoft currency and would like to pre-order HITMAN on my XBOX ONE from the marketplace so I can also Download it before it officially launches on March 11th. (this would also be good for those with slower internet connections thus, not having to wait hours to download the game once it has launched). Anyway, does anyone know when this title might be appearing on the XBOX One marketplace??? Thanks in advance for any answers... PS. the Beta looked awesome!!!

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    Unfortunately, there is no official word on that at this time. It is already listed on the Xbox Store, but it is not currently available for pre-order. I'd normally suggest asking Xbox Support, but I highly doubt that even the support representatives know and may just as well make up an answer. We're just going to have to wait and see.

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