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Thread: my PC version beta feedback

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    Exclamation my PC version beta feedback

    Dear devs, good work on the beta so far, it's been great to try it out. I do have some concerns however, especially being so close to release, I hope you can reassure us that the beta is an early build and the final product on March 11 will be much more polished.

    For example, managing inventory is very cumbersome, especially when using mouse and keyboard. Having to pause to open inventory and activate an item is tedious and spoils immersion to me in a game.

    Enemy AI is very glitchy and in many cases forces the player to load an earlier savegame to get past the area when the detection state will not automatically reduce itself.

    Special objectives (such as placing the vodka bottle or slides on the projector) should be able to complete simultaneously, or at least be explained better and the tracking system revised to be obvious to the player what objectives are available to be tracked via the F1 menu.

    The enemy detection symbol becomes nearly invisible when the player is crouched and the camera angle is very low.

    I realize some parts of the game are missing still, such as the first half of the 'hide body' animation, was that left out on purpose?

    Please tell us the PC version is getting dedicated support, it really does pay dividends down the road. For example Grand Theft Auto 5 is a good example of a good PC port, where Batman Arkham Knight was not (at first). Also, remember to check the Steam game Hub forum for alot of feedback where people do not come here to register and fill out a thread. I am a passionate Hitman player and thought it deserves my time of coming here, remembering my login details and summarizing the things I thought about the beta.

    edit: I'd also like to draw attention to this post on reddit about the game, adds some things I forgot
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