Thread: In "Hush...Hush,Sweet Harolt" were is this creeps adress?

In "Hush...Hush,Sweet Harolt" were is this creeps adress?

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    Question In "Hush...Hush,Sweet Harolt" were is this creeps adress?

    After I just got my lock pick back I checked ever were for this guy.And I of course whent to the places I coul'dnt go to before without my lockpic (like the canal) but I still can't find him the girl I'm supossed to rescue or his address!So were do I find the address of this guy and how do I get to him?

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    So you've been through the door on the other side of the aquaduct? Did you go out the lower door and walk down to the far end? If you did, you walked under an open gate and around to a closed gate. The trick to this one is opening the second gate without closing the first gate. Go to the first gate, that is already open, and pile crates under it, so that it will stay open far enough for you to get underneath, then go and find Pumping Station B. At the back, there's a sewer hatch. Climb down, go through the sewers and up the far ladder. On the wall is a lever you can flip. After you flip it, go look out the window and you should be able to see the closed gate open and the other gate partially close, until it gets stuck on your piled up crates. (If you had already been to this spot and flipped the lever, so that the first gate is closed, you'll have to go back and flip the lever to put the gates back to their original positions, then stack the crates, then go flip the lever again.)