Thread: Why i am being punished? And what for?

Why i am being punished? And what for?

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    Why i am being punished? And what for?

    Is there a way to put noscam videos in here- from my archive folder i mean.
    I saved my three last matches, just so the rest can watch how "unbalanced matches happen to everyone", but to me 75% of the time, since Leagues started. And how "fair" game is to a guy who approaches level up in them(i have been trying to get to blood 3 for over 10 days. Instead i`m just tossed around in Blood 4). And then i will ask you, why developers lie? I can read, in english i may not be the best. i make a lot of mistakes, but i understeand everything. In chatbox there is communique "max loss point in a match is -4", am i correct? Then why i lost: 10 points, then won 1 point(i was best) and then lost 14(best again), in 3 matches today?! Thats 23 points in the drain, no? And of course it is not a first time- but my patience is at its limit now. I was 6th in Blood 4, now i am 25th. After 3 matches, and i won once- i have video to proove that

    This is some kind of challenge? Or punishment? Why wait, and for what? Just send me mail "you will never win anything cuz we don`t like you looser", then i`ll ask for my money back- the one i spent on keys and skins, delete this game out of my steam account and computer, and everyone will live happy everafter.

    I`ve never quited anything, it may sound funny in contex, but i literally feel ill after surrenderring even a little bit. But as they say: "there is first time for everything". Why should i be angry because of silly passtime? It isn`t worth of me being on the brink of breaking my keyboard over my knee- this thing didn`t do anything to me, au contraire it has many really nice functions, and shape that is anatomical. Relly nice keyboard

    And players have audacity to whine about guys that leave match mid way- we don`t count crashes here- Silenced Cathedral, i`m looking at you- You know what, i`ll start doing that too, after all only thing i loose is 4 points and 10 miuntes instead of over 10 points penalty, for trying my best, even after one guy left us, which is totally not our fault- 10 points usually means 3-4 matches have to be won in a row. I Solo a lot, because i don`t like the feeling that someone depends on me, so win/loose percentage should be around 50%, am i correct? And yes, it is in my case, but even if, by some mysterious miracle i win 5 matches in a row, all it takes is 1 match to destroy my work. To literally up over 1 hour of my time, that i could spend doing a something a lot more productive(fix something around the house, or make dinner for my family, why not?)

    I don`t care if the new people have to test thier strenght against best players. They may- in normal Death Match, not at my expense in Leagues. They may rot outside qualification, for all i care. But how is this fair to anybody when some complete newbie goes straight to gold, or even blood, just because he/she happens to be on winning side? I want to have fun, not be about of going into rage and smack someone in the face because of a game. It`s like i am being punished for my team. Why?
    This is what you want? To chase off people with unbalanced matches and over the top penalties? Then you are heading in right direction- some people already are taking "breaks from the game". I suggest checking forum once in a while. This is what it is for
    I put time an money in to this game, and i feel really upset for what i`ve got. I don`t feel being treated fair

    I await with great impatience for a response

    Thakn you in advance. Heretic_13 out

    A small update- i had match just now with guy who started to play 2 DAYS AGO. Guess where is he... Silver 2. And no he is not especially gifted. We lost, he was last... It`s such pure bliss and happines, tha everyone have fair chance(sarcasm, a lot of it)
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    Here, this will help you get through these trying times:

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    That's why I stopped playing Leagues...
    Heretic, just calm down and play TDM... It will help you getting over this....
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    Originally Posted by GenocidePete
    Here, this will help you get through these trying times:
    I just got penalty -4 points and 10 minutes on a bench for not wanting to play 2 vs 4. Still thinking i`m overreacting? Why are we treated like this? This thing is FOR US and because OF US. We spend money on it, so the least it could do. is being fair toward us. Either put "point loss depends on how bad you up" in chat box, or be truthful to what it says now.

    Varulven- that is beside the point. You should play whatever the hell event you want. Avoiding part of the game, because it is unfair/buggy/wathever is like buying new combi car but not using trunk, because it can fall off under pressure. Hiw does this make any sense?

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    I can't help but think about my suggestion:

    Hope the devs will look at it with care, i think it would be a good improvement on match-making.
    Sometimes my losing streak is so bad i just feel like uninstalling the game lol...i understand Heretic's rage.

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    Ok, that is it. Yesterday- string of victories, that didn`t even made break a sweat. Today- 5 matches in a row, all lost, because my teammates were clearly victims of severe mental retardation. What the ?
    Please do make some game mode, when i won`t have to deal with other people, with exception of shooting, or ripping them. to shreads I don`t want to be a part of a team, never did
    I don`t know, Duel, some objective oriented mode. My friends- real friends- don`t play computer games, at least not this kind, and i have enough of being pited against tems of pals with complete strangers at my side, and every single one of them has his/hers own idea how we should play.
    So what do i get? I get 3 people who crawl all over the place like Colorado beetles, complaning, i don`t follow them, against 4 guys/gals/mixed who would stack each other on to of one another if they could, either ganging up on one guy like prison sisters, or turning nearest vicinity in swiss cheese.
    Or better yet, i have decent team, but other guys need to win no matter what. 3 sentinels/prophets/scouts with this exploding bows/decivers. All they have to do is hit me once, then next one will hit me, and next one... "Bad team play" what my team is suppose to do, when i can`t even go near opponents? I`m dead before my team has chance to react, and then is thier turn... I don`t know or care how, but balance this game once and for all
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    From another barrel now. This is how perspective changes, depending on situation. Frankly, when i was waiting for update i thought there will be minor changes regarding limping game mechanics. But as we all know now...

    Ehmmm... Launcher still can go black. Menu as well. Sometimes restarting game is needed, sometime i have to turn computer off and on again. Game asks me to check if i have my Steam account linked to Square Enix accout, and tells me about matchmaking failure every few matches. Yes i have linked account, but that is beside the point if you ask me- i reinstalled game, so i run Nosgoth without Steam, so why should this two accounts be linked? What does this achive?
    During match, all 8 players can be kicked out to lobby for no reason at all- i often meet with them in next match and they all ask if i experienced the same thing as they did. Which is pretty freaking stupid- if you recognized me, then what do you rhink happened?

    And the worst is- game can randomly kick me out, or i refused(during this freaking week before new patch, when nothing worked at all) to wait for 15 minutes for last 2-3 players, and Leagues counted this as a lost match, which is why i am still Blood IV. My win-lose ratio was about 50-50(few matches more on winning side) before update. After update, and after i canceled waiting for god know how long, i got about 15 matches lost, even though i didn`t even play.
    And i say this: i complained about matchmaking a lot. About as much as next player, i think. But if improving it comes with such ridiculous amount of bugs, crashes, and plainly unfair treatment of players, then i`d gladly settle for completly random matches, that will start and last till the end instead of maybe working and maybe not

    I promised that i won`t be hostile toward anyone here, but frankly this is starting to get on my nerves, and i usually need a lot less to explode. Especially when i threw some money in the thing. Would any of you go to restaurant where you pay, and they tell you then "maybe your meal will be tasty, maybe not. Let`s see what happens". And i`m starting to feel like that
    As it seems, i am getting punished still, but in different way
    I`m literally waiting for my former commerades to come back, but as it is only 2 of them even tried to launch game since update.
    So, yea. Patch. Patch. Patch.
    Again, and the sooner, the better