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Thread: Beta feedback PC

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    Beta feedback PC

    Just finished my first playthrough of the Beta. Ran into a few things I don't like so far simply because they are seriously slowing the gameplay down

    - Should be a toggle to disable slo-mo from headshots. Blood Money didn't need them. Neither does this game, it ruins the immersion
    - When re-binding keys, you guys need to add some kind of script to auto rebind keys you are trying to change. The game wouldn't allow me to rebind a key if it already had a function bound to it, so it was like playing one of those puzzles where I had to move everything from the end of the line first before I could move the piece I wanted to move. Very annoying. This leads to the next problem.....
    - Why are there so many key bind functions? Every single little action has a separate key associated with it. There's like 3 different keys for different "use" actions, 3 different keys for picking up stuff, another separate key for dragging body, another key for planting, a separate key for inventory, another separate key for holstering.......Why not let multiple actions share a key if they don't conflict? You guys got it really well streamlined in Blood Money. For example, in Blood Money if you tapped the inventory key, you holstered or drew your weapon, but if you held the same key down, you accessed inventory, that was genius. Why separate these controls now? It's a nightmare if you're trying to actually play the game, and as I mentioned before, incredibly frustrating if you want to rebind your movement keys.
    - Speaking of rebinding keys, I changed my movement keys from wasd to esdf because this gives my pinkie extra keys to work with. Unfortunately this rebind doesn't affect the inventory menu. For 5 minutes I was trying to figure out why I kept dumping my entire inventory on the floor until I realized pressing "f" was actually the drop item instead of cycle inventory right.

    As for technical bugs, the only thing I noticed was during the part on the boat where I blend by wiping the table while Jasper is chatting with his assistant, I noticed the areas of the wood texture where my hand and cloth move over start having these lines appear, like tearing. It kinda ruins the immersion because the game starts looking like some kind of assassin's creed computer simulation with this tearing. My rig isn't top of the line so I haven't messed with the settings much yet, hopefully something simple will fix it when I do change some settings.
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    One other thing I've noticed about the game so far, a key factor in the game needs to be immersion. So anything that breaks the immersion just feels like a step down. For instance, the inventory wheel in Blood Money. When you open the inventory wheel, you see 3D models of the items, so you can see exactly what the item is. In this Beta, all the inventory items are silhouettes. It might seem nitpicky, but I feel it's a step down from blood money. I'm starting to think I understand what the whole slo-mo during headshots might have been for, it certainly makes it easier to take out multiple hostiles in a row with the slo-mo, but having a toggle in the options to turn it off would be welcome.

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