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    yes i completely agree

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    Agree as well, had to wait 15 minutes like an idiot at the bar for nothing.

    Then I went to the office where Norfolk and Rittler were talking. And it was obvious they waited for me to start their little conversation, which wasn't even that interesting and sure as hell not worth freezing time.

    I'm here to assassinate, i'm not here to gather gossip material.

    This game really carries a bit much of Absolution's stigmas.

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    i dont want to be disappointed again, hands down one of my favorite games and they keep crushing my soul!

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    Triggers are like buttons we have to run around and press to activate the next segment.

    IOI was so close to creating Blood Money 2, and yet this just had to show up to ruin the fun.

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    I agree too, this is ruining the experience... I really hope that on highter difficulty the event will be time based cause this is killing the immersion.

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