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Thread: looks to easy

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    looks to easy

    what is the levels of the difficulty in the hitman game?
    because I watched PS gameplays and it looks too easy game,
    how you put a poison in front of barmen, and he just look at you? or I saw guy shoot on a policemen on the boat, and the crowd just stay there, why they don't run away?!?! it makes me crazy!! it looks like from year to year they make the AI more stupid and stupid.

    if someone shoot near the crowd with m16 the policemen should start to look for him with pointed guns, and innocent people should run away!!! why they stay???, the boss should run to his room and close the door with a lot of security around him. (BTW this can be one of the hitman tactics lead the target to the trap )

    can anyone explain why the AI so stupid?
    or if there is a difficulty level where they able to think a little bit?

    sorry about my english.

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    AI has been a huge complaint from a lot of posters, so I'm really hoping IO is listening to feedback and adjusting AI accordingly.

    The other thing is, difficulty levels haven't been announced, which leads me to believe they're doing a "one size fits all" difficulty. The biggest problem with that is that its focused on new and casual players to the series, while the vet players are having their hand held too much.

    You can turn off a lot of the options and on-screen guides - definitely makes the game more challenging, but in a sort-of hollow way. Even blood money had difficulties which adjusted enemy AI.
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