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Thread: Playstation Exclusive Contracts?

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    Playstation Exclusive Contracts?

    The order page lists "Six PlayStation®4 Exclusive contracts –The Sarajevo Six" as one of the perks of ordering the full package.

    I assume that PC players are not receiving these contracts. Is there anything exclusive to the PC or are those players simply SOL when it comes to this content? Additionally, will this be an ongoing trend where Playstation players receive more content (for the same price tag) as PC players.

    Really looking forward to the game (preordered the $60 package months ago), but this seems like a bit of a disappointment - and definitely makes PC players feel like second class citizens here.

    If I'm wrong about this, I apologize, but I think it is worth some clarification/discussion.

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    Well, how do you think Xbox players feel? It's not just between PS4 and PC, you know.
    The Sarajevo Six is indeed exclusive to PS4 and there have not been any exclusive content announced for the PC or Xbox versions of the game at the moment.

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