While we pretty much know everything about vampires and thier hierarchy- or we can make, it is called so pretty, educated guess about what, where, and who- aside from thier motivations and some backstory to classes, we don`t see "grand picture" regarding humans.
It is also pretty hard to guess because of "Medieval meets USA Civil War" type of gear we see in Nosgoth, and how they`d be used in grand battles.

In vampire case thier organization relies strongly on leaders, also thier tactics is rather "divide and conquer" type mixed with somewhat Teutonic Order style: to conquer, fortify and maintain position, move to next target. Sort of like root grows from root. We could see this in Blood Omen 2 intro. Kain swept through important targets. Rather doubt his sons behave differently
However what puzzles me is thier battle tactics. Well aside from what you lot like to do- y`know pick a victim and beat living hell out of him/her all at once :P
It is clear, both from thier gear and different types of abilities, they are not fighting in ranks- units are rather scattrered 9n battlefields, but is that really tha effective against big force of humans? If fight breaks in to multiple duels or chase around some tight spaces, like streets, that is fine, they are prepared for that kind of fight. But in grand battle? Will they use some kind of anit-human weapons equipment. Big metal pavises? Steam punk vehicles covering thier advance? Or rather somne grand scale spells rivaling Turelim geomancy?

We know for sure they can bulit monstrous siege engines- Turelim managed break in to Sommerdamm for example. And while i`m not sure who launched them- it seems that vampires bombard city with some kind of monstrous trebuchets- to arc flaming projectile through this much of air it would require catapult of very big proportions. I dare say "unspekable". Dumahim knows a lot about forging and metalurgy, and they consider themselves profesional soliders, so it is safe to assume they also know a thing or two about siege methods
But as we don`t see any weapons they use(pole arms are safe bet- considering "Soul Reaver" spears)- no melee combat specialization, nor now projectile weapons. Only muscles, some abilities and claws and that is hardly real gear, especially against large force with weapons that humans possess. Simple volley fire from repeaters would stop whatever charged at the rank. And no hardened skin, or magical shield would be able to whitstand concentrated fire. So how do they battle in the open? That is first question.

Second is: how do the communicate? How coordinate attacks? Whisper? Umah pointed this ability is natural to all vampires, so that is a maybe.

And here we are at last. Terra incognita. As i pointed out- we know how humans behave in thier respective grups. But how looks thier hierarchy? Who rules? Every city for itself or some mockery of a Vampire Council? Religion leaders? If so, how do they communicate and coordinate? In humans case, they have it hard- Uprising started in several places, isolated from one another, so information flow must be a mess. Not to mention how different grups view one another, do they agree completly, or there is some grudge here and there? Or fight over power?

Lets pretend i am still naive member of Ironguard, beliving in posters and propaganda, or i have to belive i really do something good and for other people, because it is only thing that stops me from going mental, putting my repeater against my chin and pulling trigger, one of thouse cold, lonley, moonless nights when hunters lay in wait, hiding from vampire patrols. Or throwing my weapons down in the middle of some slaughter, closing my eyes, covering ears, lying down in fetus position and cry for my mother. After all, all my commerades tell me i`ll die sooner or later, but 100% in a fight
Would i be happy fighting with people like Vanguard, Prophets or Scourge? Scouts and Alchemists are fine, they help us a lot and our ideals are similar, and we are good at supporting one another, and they are "normal"(i`m trying to be Ironguard here, don`t stop me XD). But Vanguard? Bunch of stinking convicts and deserters... Killers, rapists, thievs- true it not only them, but how do i know which is which? I`d have to know them personally, and i am not sure i want to. They were cruel to people i`m trying to protect, and in a way, that makes vampires rather mercifull, after all they`d only kill me and drink my blood, and if i prove to be challenge, i`d wake up as one of them, after biend dragged away.
Prophets? Scourge? One is doing some wierd with her blood, and spasms every few minutes talking about death and future. Other is ready to sacrafice me, him, and half of the world as long as he gets another vampire. Guy transforms and fly around in birds body. Look what they do to thier own, if theyu prove too weak... I`m not kidding, scares the out of me. I often contemplate if i should put few bolts in base of his scull instead letting him run around- he`s a freaking monster. I remember slave pen of Turelim, they were treated pretty good there, for vampire pen, of course- women weren`t fed upon if pregnant, and there was rotation. Here we have guy that fed his younger brother to a freaking bird, because he was not strong enough. Who is worse?

Well i put some first person thing in there but you get the picture. And you have questions. I`d love to discuss on this topic