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Thread: My experience with HITMAN beta (PS4)

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    My experience with HITMAN beta (PS4)

    Ok so let me start off by saying I had sooo much fun playing/streaming the beta, I play A LOT of beta's that leave me with a bad impression or taste in my mouth even though I totally understand that its a beta and bugs will happen. With that being said i did find many bugs within the hitman beta BUT I still really enjoyed playing the game to the point where its become an addiction lol! Below is a list of the bugs/glitches i encountered during my time in the beta:

    • After knocking someone out their body would flip flop around into the view of an AI which would lead me to getting spotted
    • Audio issues - Example: AI's would be mid-sentence about something I needed to listen to that co-incidenced with the mission and all of a sudden they would quit talking
    • Objectives not completing or not working all together- Example: Being on the ship and trying to complete the objective where you disguise yourself at the buyer of the blueprints, and the objective was to talk to the target then kill him..i did this mission 10 times with no luck...finally i combined to objectives at once and it worked
    • Audio and video glitches- Example: In the very beginning of the prologue where agent 47 is walking with Diana (his handler) there is both an audio and video glitch that causes the audio to be off sync with the video..this happened several times with the cut scenes

    Now granted i realize that this was just the beta BUT being so close to the release of the game these things should have been caught by the Dev's before the beta even came out and if not fixed could very well give the game a bad launch and lead to future plaques of disappointments by myself and other gamer's. During my time playing and streaming the beta i had anywhere between 50-100 people that were in my stream asking me questions about the game, wanting me to explain and or give my feedback of my experience while playing the beta on everything from game-play to story development and what my opinion was on the future of the game and even asking me if I would recommend buying this. Like I stated earlier I have so much fun playing this beta that of course i recommended to everyone in my stream BUT i did warn them of what i had encountered while playing. I cancelled my Division pre-order because cost wise getting this game made sense plus i'm a HUGE FAN of both the hitman games and movies! I definitely look forward to getting back into the world of agent 47! lo-interactive Development team feel free to contact me if needed and I will share any/all of what i experienced.

    Rogue_069 [PSN] for all you HITMAN gaming adventures

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    hahaha the body flapping gave me a particular thrill. my only issue with the game so far is how Relaxed security and guests are when someone gets Murdered. its like theyre programmed to be on high alert for 20 seconds and then everything just goes back to normal and everybody walks by dead bodies like it never happened lol. if i kill someone on a ship infront of people, i expect the whole ship to be cleared and searched until a perp is located. i saw in the Paris beta where guards were shooting and the building itself was evacuated (or appeared to be evacuated) so maybe they did correct this for the 6 main levels.

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