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Thread: Problems in the HITMAN Beta (PS4)

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    Exclamation Problems in the HITMAN Beta (PS4)

    To begin, I do not think this game is ready to be released in one month. The game, although has many incredible features, suffers many drawbacks that should be fixed to make the best of my $60. Here are a list of the things that need to be fixed in order for the game to appear stable:

    -The strangling animation with the fiberwire tends to be wonky at times depending on AI's posture.
    -When I had beat down a cop and went to snap his neck while having the fiberwire equipped, the strangling animation played, despite the cop being on the ground, and still managed to look weird.
    -There is little variety in the animations for some of the weapons.
    -Throwing items at AI seems stiff for both the player and the AI.
    -Neck snapping is just weird in general - it can only be done if the NPC is flat on the ground, usually.
    -I saw a cop vault over a crate and I cannot even explain the outcome.

    -Although the graphics are appealing (for the most part), the game seems to *sometimes* have trouble rendering textures.
    -Framerate drops significantly (down to possibly 10 fps) when civilians panic, or just in general when you look towards a large crowd, detonate bombs, engage in a shootout, etc.
    -There is too much dust/blood that flies out of anything being shot at.
    -As sadistic as it sounds, there is not enough blood. Not even as much as Blood Money had - no blood pool, blood splatters, and the bullet wounds look bland.
    -The lighting can be too florescent at times

    -Dialogue is very quiet compared to the background noise.
    -Guns don't sound authentic, but again, a personal issue.

    -The AI seems clueless at times. I point a shotgun to their face and they just stand worriedly for a while.
    -There was a woman with an invisible stomach on the boat level.
    -When dragging some characters, the corpses spasm while remaining stuck in the walls, ground, or ceiling. That led to my disguise being compromised because someone on a lower level saw the body seep through the ground

    -The sprint mechanic seems pointless. In my opinion, it's best to remove it completely and gauge speed based on pressure on the analog stick like in Blood Money rather than forcing us to hold a button to run.
    -I have to completely jolt the analog stick toward the direction I want to sprint, the deadzone on the analog is bad, but that's nothing a control settings option can't fix.
    -Free firing (R2) has way too much spread on pistols and rifles, but that's just a personal issue I suppose.

    Overall, this doesn't really feel like Blood Money as many people would say. It just seems like Absolution minus the segmented missions. However, if many of the bugs and glitches were resolved, I would still be content with my purchase. HOWEVER, with a month before release, IOI and SE must be working hard to fix these, I hope. I guess we'll just have to wait and see

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    Also, forgot to mention that I PERSONALLY dislike the fact that I have to hold down interaction buttons to perform an action such as pick something up, drag a body, snap a neck, etc.

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