I caught both on video, the first is a glitch that happened with dragging a guard:

The second is an achievement issue. The recording I filmed was after I had beat the level TWO other ways all without any disguises, yet I could not get either of The Silent Assassin Challenges. Both of the first two ways started the same way as the video below shows but I was able to sneak down to the ground level from the roof, grab the vodka bottle from the kitchen, and with the poison from Jasper Knight's bathroom, I would lure him into that bathroom. There I tried both drowning and shooting him. Both attempts were completed with no guards being alerted or killed, yet I could not get either of the Silent Assassin Challenges. Finally I decided to record the third try which is attached below. This time I relied on the light fixture accident but this was even weirder because this time I got the Silent Assassin with Suit only, but DID NOT get the regular Silent Assassin which doesn't make any sense. Here's the link:

Otherwise thank you for creating another excellent addition to the Hitman Story, and giving us early access to this awesome world. I look forward to March 11th and hope that this Beta was as helpful to you guys as it was enjoyable to play.