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The 20 Year Career

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    The 20 Year Career

    A 20 Year managerial career.

    Breaking news just in that Cagliari Calcio have appointed Craig as there new manager, this may come as a suprise to many of the fans but chairman and owner Tommaso Giulini had this to say.

    Oggi in Vorrebbe annunciare che facciamo ho nominato Craig dal nostro nuovo responsabile per il club, Craig condivide lo stesso un uovo fuori andiamo a noi credo fermamente che è l'uomo giusto per il lavoro.

    Today i would like to announce that we have appointed Craig as our new manager for the club, Craig shares the same ambition as we do and we firmly believe he is the right man for the job.

    Jim White Sky Sports News HQ
    We can now cross over to Stadio Sant'Elia to here Craig's first press conference as Cagliari Calcio manager.

    Craig you have been appointed as manager of Cagliari Calcio, how happy are you to be given such an opportunity?
    I am thrilled to be the new manager of Cagliari, Cagliari are an amazing club with amazing supporters and a wonderful chairman.
    Different managers have different approaches to tactics when managing clubs can you shed some light about how you will go about things tactically?
    Well im not going to give too many things away but i all can tell you is that i will make sure that we play attractive attacking football at Cagliari.
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    Craig many managers like to bring new faces in when managing a new club, will you be dipping your toes into the transfer market?
    Of course all managers like to bring in some fresh talent and im no different but thats not to say i will be making drastic changes, everyone will have there chance in pre season to show me why they deserve a place in the first team.

    Jim White Sky Sports News HQ
    That was Craigs first press conference as Cagliari Calcio manager.

    This is a new career im doing since my save with in Australia got bugged .
    Hope you enjoy it and follow me through a 20 year journey as a Football Manager, i will post updates either once every day or every 2 days. as i plan to take this slowly.
    About the italian language, i would assume he doesn't know english and seeing as he is in italy then i thought it would be cool to translate it to italian.
    Cheers enjoy.

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    Haha nice, good luck!

    I'm in my final year (of 20) with Real Madrid, having taken in Leeds, Dortmund, PSG and Juventus on the way!

    I have no idea what happens at the end of this season - i'm sure it's anti-climactic though! I'll probably start afresh with a League One side like Burton Albion after this. Interested to see how your journey goes!

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    Thanks, i have never gotten past season 7 due to past bugs but im sure you get some sort of nice message at the end of the 20th season.
    Btw do you get job offers after 2nd season as i never seem to do on past careers.

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    2015/2016 SUMMER TRANSFERS.
    Alberto Cerri - Juventus Loan(Already lonaed at start of the game)
    Antonio Barreca - Torino LoanLoan(Already lonaed at start of the game)
    Niki Zimling - 1.FSV Mainz 05 £2.4m
    Jamie Vardy - Leicester City £5m
    Leroy Fer - Queens Park Rangers £14m

    Davide Di Gennaro - Hellas Verona FC £1.6M
    Marco Fossati - SS Virtus Lanciano £752.7k
    Werther Carboni - Perugio Calcio Loan
    Luca Ceppitelli - Modena FC £2m
    Federico Melchiorri - Empoli FC £1.6m
    Dario Del Fabro - ASD Trapani Calcio Loan
    Bartosz Salamon - Liverpool £13.5m

    I think i may have lied to the press about not making any drastic changes haha oh well not to worry

    Zimling's start to his Cagliari career has been quite good actually contributing a goal and a MOM, happy days

    Fer's start to life in italy hasn't been fireworks, hes only scored one goal and the rest has been at QPR he did get a MR of 9.

    Vardy hasn't been the goal machine that he is in real life at present but his passing has been amazing getting him 2 MR's of 8 in a row,

    Thats our new signings and what they have produced in a month of being at the club, i didn't include the 2 loanies which wern't signed by me, i still have pre season and league/cup results to post aswell as the league table to add, i'll add them tomorrow as i don't want to many pictures per post.

    Thanks for following and i hope yous are enjoying it so far.

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    Pre Season got off to a good start 2 wins and a draw which was against the Bhoys in green & white, not only that but pre season was weird but in very good way, normally in CM the first match is against a team in your league which it was but the next 2 games are against teams from the same league of a selected country which in this case wasn't, amazing as i prefer it this way .

    A very good start to life in italy(In the league anyway), lost one game in the league to perugia and sadly got knocked out of the cup in first round to...... yep thats right perugia(Idiots) haha but still tho its a good start in the league and im happy with how things are going.

    The league table is 2 games ahead right ok so erm i don't know why but in those 2 games we got a win and a draw which puts us 3rd happy days , also with it being 2 games ahead some of my new players could of scored i don't know as i can't even remember playing those 2 games, anyhow based on august i think Vardy still needs to improve with scoring after all he is a striker but if hes passing killer balls then im happy with that.

    I shall post another update tonight all being well, so thanks guys for following im away to play some CM

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    Nice one Craig!Look forward to seeing how you progress!

    So I finally finished the 20 year season (won the treble with Madrid to cap it off ) and then got a message saying how sad it was i had to retire, that tributes from the football world have been pouring in, yadda yadda yadda, and then the reset button in the message as my only choice - charming!

    Decided to restart from the bottom, managing Southport in the Conference - so far near on impossible to sign players as my reputation is too low I'll keep you informed of how that goes too!

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    Nice career, good luck with southport

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    After craig rejected offers of middlesboro, & Pro Verceilli, Serie A side Empoli have came in with an approach to lure craig away from Stadio Sant'Elia, Fabrizio Corsi has recently spoken out by saying we are confident that we can lure craig away from Cagliari, he is doing a very good job at present and he will be a great asset for us at Empoli.

    A good few job offers but the one that has me really thinking is the Empoli job who are 17th in Serie A, whats your thoughts guys should i stay or should take over Empoli?

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    Hmmm, how many seasons have you played with Cagliari? what point in the current season are you as well? I like to stay with a team for at least 2 seasons generally before moving on, and to achieved something with that team too...

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    This career went out of the window sadly i mistakenly deleted the champ man folder when i was deleted un needed folders, i came back and started with man united so far at the start of my 3rd season.

    First Season
    3rd League
    QF Cup
    QF CL

    Second Season
    3rd League(Again)
    5th Cup
    Final CL(Man City)

    Now 3rd season to go