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Thread: (REPOST) The Hylden Race

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    Lightbulb (REPOST) The Hylden Race

    Here is yet another interesting thread from the "old" forum. I joined Dea Caelestis Tanith for an interesting debate on the Hylden and the Ancient Winged Race. Enjoy!

    Originally Posted by Dea Caelestis Tanith upon asking "What are the Hylden?"

    Aliens from another world who came to take over Nosgoth

    A different race originally from another part of Nosgoth(if Nosgoth is the planet)or another contient(if Nosgoth is but one contient in the LOK world).

    I think all signs point to alien but i can't get the different race thing out of my mind. Or maybe there will be a big twist and it will be the winged race who are the aliens and started the war and hence are the bad guys. You never know...

    My theories on this are:

    1. It is quite possible that the Hylden indeed are the native species. I find it odd that they were simply banished to the demon dimension instead of their "home" dimension. This leads me to believe that they may not be alien at all. I mean, why go to all that trouble to randomly select another dimension if they can simply be sent back and bonded to theirs?

    2. This would also explain more into the Seer and why she was quick to resort to living in the woods. Perhaps, she knows the woods? Has been in tune with the woods for her life. The Seer herself stresses that she can see the future of Nosgoth when speaking to Kain (as far as his quests and decisions, it was implied she knew when she said "Yes. I see that now). Why would a hermit of the woods be so in tune with the history of a world who isn't originally hers?

    3. The hylden seem very technologically advanced, and their city (located in the oceans of nosgoth)proves that there must be another continent around somewhere?

    Could it be that the Hylden were over populating their own continent and merely seeking another place to inhabit? Realistically the hylden city's location is not that far, migration would be rather simple from what I gather.

    This would lead me back to the Winged Ancients. Many of the murals I have seen in the Hylden city depict similar beings as these being tortured and whatnot by the hylden in ancient times. These beings lacked the wings however. Could it be that the Ancient wingeds were native to this "new" continent of Nosgoth? And perhaps "evolved" into winged beings? This reminds me of the incident with

    Columbus coming to the new world. Native peoples were tortured and enslaved and killed even. And we all know that humankind evolved from cavemen to modern men. Granted the Ancients developed wings (which is curious as to how/why this occured) but the ties are very similar.

    Originally Posted by Dea Caelestis

    I like your theory Umah. You have made a very good point with your reference to Columbus. It is very easy to believe that the Hylden were a more advanced culture from another country, that immigrates to the primitive lands of the future winged (don’t know what else to call them). Like you mentioned we know that from our own history that most advanced culture tend to dominate primitive cultures and take their land and enslave the people. So this could quiet easily be what the Hylden did. The experimention depicted in the murals could also by further explained by the fact that the future winged are of a different species. Of course the Hylden would want to “open one up to see how it ticks” upon discovering them in a new land that they wish to colonise. It is something we humans still practise today when new species are found.

    Excellent theory yet again! I must disagree slightly with the messiah issue. Instead of Raziel, I would name Janos. This is merely because Raziel (as a human) seems more evolved and modern then Janos. I would actually compare Janos to the native american culture whereas Raziel would resemble the pilgrims from Europe. To the pilgrims, native americans were primative.
    We know however, that Native Americans were simply uneducated in the modern ways of Europe yet possessed skills that ended up benefiting modern society (agriculture, crafts, weaponry, hunting etc.) The social structure was different in any sense. Raziel is a great example of a modern (evolutionary) society (not quite as advanced as the hylden mind you). His language skills are more proper whereas Raziel has adapted to the times and uses a dialect of slang (not slang words, just more associated with the language of the society he's from..(hope that made a little

    Although Raziel could prove to eventually BE somesort of Messiah (as you say). I believe Janos became the Messiah during the Ancient/Hylden battle which would explain why he appears to be somewhat of a diety in the SR2 game and important throughout the entire LOK series.

    It is a classic example of "passing the torch" (or role of messiah) to a new hope for the quest of survival.

    (Still a good thread....and I'm still anxious for extra feedback ).
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    Yea i think that the hylden were also native

    but i dont see the ancients as an aggressive race that would plunder another land and seek out the banish the hylden for fun

    i agree when you say that the hylden were lookin to expand and then a war started when the hylden tried to take the ancients land

    but that may not be right

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