Quick list of every error or bug I encountered in the first 3 hours playing the game. Thankfully, there was nothing at all that impacted the gameplay, and the final mission in the BETA has absolutely zero issues whatsoever, so any of these could be attributed to server stress testing or loading errors.

Voiceovers in all cinematics were out of sync with model animations. This was noticeably worse when the loading bar was jumping upwards.
In the menu on the map screen, L2 is labelled as 'MapLevelUp' when it actually lowers the map level downwards. R2 is the same but vice versa.
Couple grammatical errors in Kalvin Ritter's intel description, both in the second paragraph. 'incredible' should read 'incredibly' instead, and the last word should be added to the end of the following sentence: "...quite ruthless when he had to BE."
When garrotting Kalvin Ritter with piano wire when he is at his computer, the models of 47 and Kalvin were not lined up correctly in my game. 47s hand was inside Kalvin's neck, leaving the piano wire slightly beyond the side of his neck.
Graphical glitch on the 2floor deck where Kalvin Ritter's jacket on his left side front disappeared/wrapped behind him. Link to pic: http://i.imgur.com/1XXbAKT.jpg
In the second level on the boat, the "Feats" label that appears on the Challenges page also appeared on the Intel page.