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Thread: Top 5 Good, Top 5 Bad

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    Top 5 Good
    1. Agent 47 looks awesome
    2. Can feel like a badass when killing enemies with guns
    4. Graphics
    5. Enforcers

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Smoke when shooting enemies
    2. All enemies become enforcers when a body is found
    3. No Human Shield
    4. Poison doesnt kill it just brings them to the toilets
    5. Snapping necks feels so fake its unbelievable.

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    Nick Price at IOI posted this on twitch feed today (3/4)

    there's a lot of stuff we've fixed. The changelist is too long for me to get on here but performance fixes and triggering and lots of other things are different. The missions themselves are the same

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    Top 5 Good
    1. It's open world again
    2. Multiple ways to complete the objective
    3. Bates. (But not sure about his lines..)
    4. You made the disguise-system like Bloodmoney!! And you kind of fixed the thingy that people in some situations should totally see through your disguise.
    5. Core hitman mechanics

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Cheesy cinematics, with cliché Hollywood-like voiceacting. Especially that general. The story probably won't be anything special.
    2. No first person view! Please bring this back. Make It an OPTION. I've played Hitman 2 and Bloodmoney BOTH 3th and 1thperson.
    3. The accident with the ejectionseat didn't happen realtime/ingame, but It happend in a lame cinematic. It was also too scripted and the reactions were fake.
    4. A.I reactions are very fake. Bad voice acting. Also, make sure they'll speak French in France, Italian in Italy etc
    5. No Jesper Kyd soundtrack or something as powerful as Ave Maria
    6. Can't take human shield
    7. Can't look through locks
    8. No blood to cover up.
    9. Diana and 47 are coming of too close, It should be a bit more strict and 'buisness only'.
    10. Allthough he's younger, 47 could look a bit more menacing.
    11 I absolutley HATE quicktime events. Please find a more intuitive/creative way too disarm/knockout etc
    12. I don't know how I think about the autosaving.. But loading is definitly too slow on ps4
    13. In addition to the current cameraview, and an optional first person camera view I would also like a more close third person view
    14. It's kinda silly that the training facility is top secret, but all those NPC's are just acting for the program and 'fake-dying' for It :P

    15. I didnt like that the camera snaps to an important conversation, and that everything happening is marked. Digging up information shouldn't be like walking to a marker on the minimap, It should just be like real evesdropping. And please don't break up the tension by having to actually push a button to 'follow' a certain chain of events. That's really killing the immersion!
    16. Not much new
    17. I dislike It that throwing a weapon locks to the head automaticly. It gives you less satisfaction, because you didnt have to find the right angle.
    18. No gloves, but I guess they will be back if It fits with your current outfit. That would be cool.
    19.Too much handholding...but to be fair, It was the tutorial

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    20 Lack of realistic weapon holstering

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    "top 5" and you do 20. nice

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    I'm sorry, I couldn't contain myself. I just had alot of feedback I wanted to share. I just copied the "top 5 layout" as instructed, and forgot to edit the number when I exceeded the limit. I actually have alot of new points after some more testplaying, but I'm not sure now If I should post It.

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    Top 5 Good
    1. Open Sand Maps are back! (great Level design)
    2. Working Disguises (and lots of them, and I don't have to press a button to hide my face while wearing them)
    3. Lots of ways to assassinate (Love that the Sniper Rifle actually has a silencer, love silenced weapons)
    4. Running doesn't get you caught (and sneaking works)
    5. Good and mostly fluid movement and mechanics

    Top 5 Bad
    1. No Human Shield
    2. No Disarm
    3. No quick take-down (I absolutely hate the contextual fight junk, it's messed me up more than enough times)
    4. No customizable weapons (liked this feature in Blood Money)
    5. People Sometimes Being Able To See You Dragging a Body Through Walls

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    I'll only touch up on the bad here as the rest is actually pretty damn good. The first 3 below however are gamebreaking.

    Top 5 Bad

    1. Appallingly unrealistic bullet damage:
    A) Hits to the head by ANY gun at ANY range ingame should be an instant kill!
    B) Hits to the upper chest by ANY high powered rifle at ANY range ingame should be an instant kill!

    2. No body penetration: Can't kill two perfectly aligned targets

    3. Gun sounds: Seriously the M4 look alike assault rifle is about as noisy like a silenced pistol.

    4. No no object penetration system: Guns should be able to penetrate various objects depending on their caliber.

    5. No weapon customization: Come on, I can't even take the silencer off my silver ballers....

    Bonus Nr 6. Fantasy weapon models: Just use real weapon designs, please... esp. if you can't even place the sights correctly on the ones you cooked up yourself

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    TOP 5 GOOD:

    1) Following different characters on a second or third playthrough and witnessing different "mini-stories" or the other side of a conversation that I missed the first time.
    2) Ability to do what I want (freeform) or following on Opportunities, which reveal bits of information but not everything. So many options to figure out and replay.
    3) How people report your crimes to guards, who then through word of mouth spread your description. Time it right, and you're out and gone before people are aware. Realistic seeming.
    4) Escalation mode - I like the added complications, and gives me chance to play map with different targets
    5) Feels like a puzzle game disguised as action / adventure. Awesome!

    TOP 5 BAD:

    1) Contracts Mode - needs a few more options so that I can craft intriguing contracts that will have users trying to figure out how on earth it can be done. See next point...
    2) Contracts Mode - would like to require a specific method of kill (push button to cycle between any, optional, and required),
    and an option to enforce "No Bodies Found" and "Unnoticed Kills". Recognize "Accident" as an accident, instead of "Melee kill"
    3) Elusive targets - Sounds AWESOME, finding a target based on description, and stalking him not knowing if it's truly your target. Sounds like the perfect mission I would want to replay several times until I get it right. Except it's a one time chance to play once and never ever again. That sucks. I don't care about the reward, don't give it to me if I don't get it on the first try, but I'd love to retry the mission.
    4) No replayable Elusive targets - I want to replay eventually, at least, maybe in November, when all content is released.
    So many people are going to get frustrated when their online connection gets cut off 30 seconds into playing an Elusive target, or have their annoying brother shut off their game, or have the doorbell ring or life happen and they can never, ever replay that awesome mission.

    Overall I'm really enjoying the game, and am looking forward to new escalations and maps. I like all the challenges and feats. it keeps me replaying.
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    Top 5 Good
    1. monthly DLCs - feels like true hitman receiving monthly missions
    2. disguises and access to specified levels/spots (e.g. waiter to bar, guard everywhere)
    3. so many achievements
    4. elusive targets and the way they're implemented
    5. monthly receiving of new weapons/gadgets and unlocks through mastery

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Subduing causing targets to be killed when not intended
    2. NPCs see through wall and even turn to orange(hostile) color
    3. No 2nd chance on elusive targets (e.g. if you didnt get achievement this time, you'll never will) - i would like a reset feature among those 48hours while the target is there for example :s - but on some sort of cost in return (for example, for each extra 10,000 mastery points after you reach mastery 20, you can retry an elusive target contract once based on received memento or something)
    4. I cant stream while using directx 12 ( i have gtx 970)
    5. who buy the game could lack some gadgets compared to who pre ordered ( pre-orders deserves some bonuses, but would love an anternative extremely hard way to receive pre-order bonuses through game if i didnt pre order the game.

    i played only the first hitman YEARS ago, i had alot of struggle with it by then but was a good fun, now after i've saw how the current hitman is handled, i loved every aspect of it and purchased instantly (i would've pre-ordered it but i wasnt following the sequel)

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    I know this is the Beta forum but I'm posting this here because there's no similar thread for the full game:

    Top 5 Good
    1. Big levels, lots of sandbox freedom, Blood Money style is back!
    2. Contacts is back, although they really need a rating / searching system so it's not just flooded with "shoot the guy at the spawn point" contracts.
    3. Unlockable gear is cool, although I wish I could carry 1 more piece of gear or sacrifice my sidearm for another gear item
    4. Lots of starting / exfiltration points
    5. Devs listening to community feedback! (hopefully)

    Top 5 Bad
    1. Game is severely crippled in offline mode. I understand the desire to spite software pirates but this just feels like a slap in the face to players who paid for the game. I can't even access my unlocks or saves without being online?
    2. Triggered NPC behavior is particularly annoying. Like how the 2 guys in the attic by the safe will wait indefinitely until you show up before having their conversation, or how the chef will never leave the kitchen if you're there (even if you're hidden). AI behavior should be less predictable and certainly shouldn't depend on the player triggering their normal movements. AI should go about their movement patterns on a timer unless acted upon, and some random element would add to the realism and replay value (it gets kind of boring when I have memorized all of the NPC movement's so a random element to NPC behavior would hugely add to replayability.)
    3. Mission rating system has been severely dumbed down from Blood Money
    4. Lack of customizable weapons/gear like in Blood Money
    5. Witness/silent assassin rating very buggy (I'll often lose "never spotted" bonus for no reason, or I'll get a random "crime noticed" when I'm not even doing anything. Also killing a witness should essentially "undo" the witnessing unless they were able to alert another NPC

    PS - I also really miss the human shield mechanic from Blood Money, and also, PLEASE BRING BACK THROWING OF WEAPONS/GEAR. I really miss tossing my pistol over a wall before getting frisked and then picking it up on the other side.
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