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Thread: Beta Feedback PC - UI, controls & movement & more

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    Post Beta Feedback PC - UI, controls & movement & more

    With my feedback I want to focus on controls, movement, UI and general feel of the game, because I think this is holding the game back by a lot this time, since it can't keep up with the standards set by other 3rd person games and also makes the general quality-level inconsistent. While the graphics, art direction and presentation are top notch, the controls are very dated. I think the suggestions I have to alleviate this are comparatively low effort, but would improve how the game feels by a lot. I am only talking about the PC version played with keyboard and mouse. Therefore this post is not relevant for console players or people who play with a controller.

    Controls & Movement
    I have to say I was really disappointed with how movement felt in the game. Games like MGSV and Splinter Cell: Blacklist or Assassins Creed set standards on how a character is supposed to move through a level. I know Agent 47 is not an athlete, but what I am talking about is how the character reacts to his environment and how easy/comfortable it is to navigate through it.

    For example, walking up to a wall should automatically put me in cover. Walking through a crowd of people, the character should react to the people and not just bump into them. It's all about discretion after all.

    But the biggest thing this game is missing is CONTEXT-ACTIONS. In Hitman Absolution many of the issues with the controls I will be describing now could be removed, bc you allowed to bind the same button to different actions. That was good. Not perfect compared to real context-actions, but as a short-term solution it would help a lot if you could allow that again.

    Why do I need 3-4 separate "USE" buttons? Picking up items, activating something, pickup a body, talking to somebody, vaulting over an object, it's practically all the same. You just need 1 button for that (E, because it's easy to reach). Activate-able objects that have consequences could be activated by holding E for a second, while normal actions like pickup an item you just tap it. Picking up bodies could be assigned to holding E for a second (or holding R like in MGSV, since you only use R for reload by tapping it and it doesn't conflict with other possible actions as easy).

    Scaling cover, sliding down a ladder or a drainage pipe, moving past a window while walking on a ledge are movements that all could be done with SHIFT, since you can't sprint in this context/position anyways, so why have a different button for that? The thinking here is that SHIFT generally accelerates movement, which makes it very intuitive. Also, while holding SHIFT objects like ladders, objects you can vault over should be activated automatically. This alone would create a lot smoother movement through the level.

    Also why do I need a separate melee button? Why not Left Mouse button? It's only assigned to shooting, which you can't do when holding a melee weapon, so why not use it for that?

    Why is this important?
    Feeling comfortable with the controls is very important, especially in a game like Hitman where timings are important. I want to be able to elegantly walk through a level and not struggle with the controls or memorize 27 buttons. It also has an aesthetic factor to it. I want to move through a level like following a choreography with precise timings. This is the fantasy Hitman always was for me and fluid, intuitive movement controls are essential to make that possible. Also like I've mentioned before there a standards that other games have set that people are used to. When going from Splinter Cell: Blacklist or MGSV to Hitman it feels like going from a 2015 game to a 1998 game in terms of controls (sorry, I don't want to be rude, but it is).

    UI - General, Weapon-selection
    I really like the UI. It's very stylized and minimalistic and compliments the graphics very well. Except for one thing: Weapon-selection. I thought the times where you had to go into a separate menu that takes you out of the game to select your weapon/tool were over long ago. But not only that, you have to accept your selection with Enter, which makes it very clunky (why not E or SPACE?). Also that you can't select your weapons on-the-fly while in game is very detrimental to the games flow and pacing imo. So here is my suggestions for weapons-selection:
    - Remove the current inventory
    - Categorize weapons/tools into 4 categories and assign them to 1-4 on the keyboard.
    1 = melee/throwables (including fiberwire)
    2 = Pistols/Submachine Guns/including double pistols and silverballers
    3 = 2 handed weapons like Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, ect.
    4 = misc, like coin, remote explosives, lockpick, rat poison (general tools that can't be directly used as a weapon)

    Pressing or repeatedly pressing 1-4 let's you circle through the corresponding category. Holding one of the numbers opens a small overlay that let's you select the weapon directly via the mouse and/or the mousewheel.

    Why is this important?
    One of the themes of Hitman, and especially this one, is perfection, or to be more precise to perform an assassination with perfection, planned out to every detail, when to switch to what weapon, where to move and how. The flow of movement and pacing is very important for this to feel right. A "simple" thing like taking you out of the game and fiddle with the menu to select the right tool takes away from that. It should be quick and intuitive, while on the move. I can see why the weapon-selection works for a controller, but for mouse and keyboard it's very sub-optimal.

    UI - Main menu/options menu
    I hope this section might not be relevant for the release build, bc it could be general polish that was just missing for the Beta. But even navigating the menus in the game felt clunky. The design of the menus is great, but the only way to navigate them comfortably was with a mouse (or controller maybe). If you wanted to navigate with a keyboard only you had to take your hand off the mouse, which as a general rule, a PC gamer never ever wants to do while playing a game. The only reason to take your hand off the mouse is to type something. Therefore, the right side of the keyboard doesn't exist. That means, don't assign stuff to Enter, POS1,PageUp, PageDown and weird stuff like that. It might be intuitive for a programmer, but not for a gamer in general. The keyboard only navigation should be done with the left hand only. Like this:
    - General navigation with WASD
    - Switching tabs (I mean the horizontal selection in the upper part of the menus) with 1 and 3 or Q and E, or just TAB
    - Confirming a selection with SPACE

    Why is this important?
    These are un-rebindable buttons and if it's left that way we just have to deal with it. The way it is done now it just seems there has not been spent a lot of thought into how to make the game menus feel PC-gamer friendly. Since a good amount of time is spent in menus this fact is apparent right away when you first launch the game. It's also a quality of life thing that is very easy to solve.
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