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    Denizens of Nosgoth,

    I have set up a Nosgoth Discord Server to bring the community of Nosgoth - recruits and veterans - closer together.

    What's the reason?
    • It is difficult for newer players to get in touch with veterans
    • The competitive scene mostly sticks to itself and only rarely new players are seen in the ESL
    • Small amount of new players and teams in the ESL
    • Most of the new teams disband shortly after participating once or twice in ESL Cups, because the skill levels differ too much.
    • Having to add players via steam first to organize scrims seems to hold back teams (especially newer ones) to practice against other teams.

    What's the plan?
    • Creating a platform where both, new players and old can get in touch easily
    • Offer help and advice to newer players to improve their gameplay
    • Check out the latest announcements from the nosgoth forum to keep up the activity here aswell
    • Collect and offer data about in-game stats (forge, vampire/human stats, ...)
    • Share nosgoth videos, promote streams
    • Hang out, discuss and share thoughts about Nosgoth
    • Recruit players, create a team, organize scrims
    • ... (feel free to suggest your ideas)

    What is Discord and why use it instead of other apps?
    "Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers thatĂ*s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone."

    Advantages of discord and why I chose it:
    • Seperation of voice- and text-channels
    • Clearly structured. Different text-channels for different topics
    • Works on multiple OS: Windows, Mac OSX, Apple iOS, Android, Linux (coming soon)
    • You don't even have to install the program (although I advise to do so) and can access discord through your browser

    Btw Discord servers are free and you can create your own easily to use it for your team too.

    "I'm tired of reading your wall of text. Sum it up in one sentence!"
    I created a platform mostly to promote competitive play in Nosgoth and help new players to improve and eventually find their way into the ESL.

    Alright that's it for now. Let me know what you think about this project and leave your ideas and suggestions below.
    Most importantly feel free to join the server since this project will only be successful with a good amount of players supporting it.

    Use either of these URLs to join the server:

    See you soon.

    PS: Although I'm part of the EU playerbase, the discord server welcomes players from any region. Despite the ping issues it would also be fun to see more EU teams competing against NA teams in my opinion.
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    I would really want this. All of it

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    I am totally supporting this great idea. And joining instantly . By the way i really like Discord app or web site.

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    Thanks. Already some of you joined the server. So far members of over 6 ESL Teams and a couple of casual players joined the fun.
    It would be cool to have some of the streamers in here aswell to represent the diversity of the Nosgothians. Feel free to join as long as there is still place :kappa:

    Btw here is the link to the steam discussion about this project, for those who rarely follow threads there:
    Feel free to join over 300 of us on the Nosgoth Discord Server using one of those links: |

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    Nice, Nosgoth needed something like this. And it all seems so professional with the #welcome text and all.


    Rusty Razor

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    Signed up! Feel free to chuck me an invite if you see me on there.
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    aka: Hellsonix / LeMMy

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    Hello everyone,
    i just wanted to drop a quick update of this project:
    The first week is almost over and around 80 players joined so far, under it members of 12 different EU ESL Teams.
    There is an active general chat, which at the moment is mostly used to look for partners to play ranked matches. We also have a scrim section exclusively for ESL Players. Since we only have 12 Teams on the server for now, this section is not really used.
    Also some newer players already asked for help about graphics optimization and some vampire gameplay.
    Most of the players didn't know Discord before and I suppose most of you guys don't know it.
    But don't you worry: "Help will always be given at Hogwards"

    So, see you soon guys.

    Btw: Dear Americans. This server is also for you guys. So don't hesitate to join the party.
    Feel free to join over 300 of us on the Nosgoth Discord Server using one of those links: |

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    You're gonna need to update the numbers again

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    Originally Posted by Zimmeeh
    You're gonna need to update the numbers again
    Yea you are right. Time for a little update. We got almost 110 players on the server now and the 2nd week since launch is not over yet.
    Yesterday we introduced a #livestream channel, where nosgoth streams are being announced in realtime when they go online.
    If you want to have your stream added to the list, just msg me with your twitch channel name or come by in the discord server.
    Also it is planned to give a little overview after each sunday's ESL Cup and there is more in planning. Thx again for the amazing feedback so far and see you soon.
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    Guys, Vole just told me we are 132 players in Discord now!

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    Hey guys.
    A little update:
    We are over 160 members now on the nosgoth discord server and added a view more features already.
    But see for yourself.
    Here is a little preview/screenshot of the server:

    We like to welcome more new players and also the developers.
    Oghamsmith and Psyonix_Ryan maybe you want to consider joining the fun.

    Cu soon.
    Feel free to join over 300 of us on the Nosgoth Discord Server using one of those links: |

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    Thumbs Up

    Hello again.
    So the server is now up for a bit over a month now. We can proudly announce to have over 230 members now. Just at this very moment, 40 members are online and it is not even evening yet.
    From the plans I suggested in the first post almost everything got realized by now.
    We have a place to share your Nosgoth fan art and videos, a place for the competitive minds and discussions, for organizing scrims and forming teams and also to recruit players. Also if you prefer casual gaming there is a place to find teammates or to create and announce private matches.
    All Nosgoth twitch streams are being announced by a bot in the #livestreams channel. So if you get bored at work or just can't play Nosgoth right now. You'll propably find a live stream there 24/7.

    As a next project, we would like to focus more on teaching new players and organizing balanced games in private matches. So we urge especially new players to join the server. Feel free to contact me about the server anytime. We are also dreaming of a Newcomer Tournament. But that is top secret. So: shhhhhht!

    When you are ready, just join:
    Feel free to join over 300 of us on the Nosgoth Discord Server using one of those links: |