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Thread: Litepulsar's Outfit Thread - Check for updates!

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    Arrow Litepulsar's Outfit Thread-Check for Updates!

    I've edited this to say, instead of me starting a new thread every time I get a new outfit, thought I'd keep it in this one thread, and then just keep adding to it!

    Here's my new China Girl outfit (and China Girl Gold). Both are up on my website for download at Lara Croft Designs. Big thanks goes to Tommy Tomb Raider, again!, for his skirt mesh and shoe meshes I retextured the shoes to look like sandals.

    China Girl Gold

    Hope you like them! What do you think?

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    Looks good!
    And it fits into a theme for a level I've been thinking of making.

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    nice job, litepulsar!!
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    Looks great, litepulsar

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    Mater Urbium
    ah, very sexy

    hey, if you post those screenshots along with the exact download URL in the FAQ page thread, I can put them in the Outfits Archive for ya if you want | Forum Thumbnailer | Driber Wagon™ | RAWR! | TR Ancient Legends III - Lost Chambers | -- .- .-. .. . / .. ... / -.-. ..- - . :-)

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    Big Grin GREAT

    That is a great outfit!

    This is really weird because I was going to start the TRClothes World Series and have outfits in tradittional dress from all over the world!

    Would you consider submitting? Its gonna be a competition like the world cup!

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    thanks for the comments! Driber, I'll do that in a few. Oooh Moose, that sounds interesting, I wouldn't mind entering that!

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    wow! they look great!!

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    Phabius Phodes Guest

    And sexy!!!

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    Good job

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    thank you everyone for the nice comments

    and here's a few more hehehe, big thanks go to Danny K for designing the original outfit...though it's changed, a LOT from his original concept *grin* and is much more like the clothes I've in Tomb Raider lol lol

    dark denim jeans, no nose stud, glasses aren't that accurate, nor is the star on the t-shirt

    light denim, proper glasses, my lip colour, the star's right now...aaaand though you can't see it, my nose stud!

    Happy 4th July!! (yes, I know it's the 5th now, but I did do it yesterday hehehe)

    dark denim, hair clip is red, and glasses

    light denim, red and blue clip plus Lara's got bright red lipstick

    Go to LC Designs to download....if the site's down, due to excessive bandwidth usage, try again later

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    Originally posted by Litepulsar
    Happy 4th July!! (yes, I know it's the 5th now, but I did do it yesterday hehehe)
    here in the U.S. it's July 4th for another 2 hours and btw nice job on those!!
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    Hmmm, so that's the leg mesh you said you would send me...2 months ago.

    Good job!

    And Chronicles5, if you live in MASS, USA then why do you say that it's 2 more hours till midnight? I live in LA and it's 2 more hours till midnight.

    Where you are, it should already be past midnight.


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    whoops...I'll send you a copy of this leg mesh Larz. The original one I was going to send you couldn't be fixed, it got messed up for some reason or other. This one was only made today, and to be honest I'd forgotten all about it!

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    Hey, Litepulsar, good job, I admire your work very much !

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    Wonderful and just what I want for my next level

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    Cool WOW

    Those are *really* great Litepulsar! You must work really hard on those outfits - I really like the trousers - always a dream of mine to have trousers for Lara and now it is true and we can have wacko flairs and bootcut jeans! Its great!

    May I link you from TRClothes? I would love to have your site on link...

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    yeah course you can Moose I really need to think about creating a banner for my site, been a bit lazy to do it really hehehe. thank you for the lovely compliments as well

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    Awesome job!
    My fav one is the one with the green shirt and the 'sparkle' pants.

    BTW when am i going to get the back/side picture of sam carter?

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    sorry Moose, I totally forgot! Here ya go..... This is the best I could find, I'm afraid...for the moment.

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    Moose?! I think you mean MDN.

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    Level Planet Guest
    Can I download the first China Girl outfit?

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    lol lol sorry 'Nut! I'm not with it tonight...I meant thank yo MDN *sighs*

    'Course you can LP, just go here to download it

    Outfits page

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    hehehe back with more outfits for ya!

    This is my best friend Carole, who saw my outfit site and requested she be made lol so long as I didn't make her look fat *rolls eyes* silly girl It's a reworked Sophia Leigh (who was originally wearing the tr3 catsuit) which I downloaded from Tomb Raider Online a french site, the reworked outfits are great!! There's a problem with the head, because I've shortened the hair, when she bends down/climbs up/crawls, you see a big gap between her neck and the bottom of the hair, got to fix that.

    And whilst watching The Godfather II, I thought to myself, Lara would make an excellent "soldier", great film btw.

    The Godmother (lol)

    Using Tommy Tomb Raider's head mesh again and have made Lara's lips slightly bigger. She's also wearing a silver/ceylon sapphire bracelet, and a jewel in her belly button. Oh, and Tommy's shoe mesh too. I've also improved my original leg mesh here, the boot cut trousers/flares look a LOT better, methinks.

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