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Thread: Queen Himiko & the Divine Source (Spoilers)

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    Question Queen Himiko & the Divine Source (Spoilers)

    Well, I've been thinking about this for awhile and I've finally been able to rearrange my thoughts to form coherent sentences to share said thoughts. Did anyone else feel like, kind of underwhelmed in regard to the continuation from Tomb Raider to Rise of the Tomb Raider? I mean, with the events of Yamatai and their...lack of impact on Rise of the Tomb Raider's story. Lara's experiences on Yamatai apparently fueled Lara's drive to discover what her father unearthed, but you wouldn't really know it.

    We all know that Lara, based on what she witnessed on Yamatai--with Queen Himiko's immortal soul being trapped in her decaying body--determined that her father was right about everything he preached and it was everyone else who was wrong, with Trinity covering up every statement, claim or allegation Richard made. However, it didn't really feel like Lara received closure for what happened on the island, if that makes sense.

    Let me break it down into bullet points:

    • Lara witnessed the existence of immortality on Yamatai.
    • Lara deduced that her father was actually right about everything.
    • Lara studied her father's notes which led her to the story of The Deathless Prophet.
    • Lara figured that there must be some connection, due to the theme of immortality.
    • Lara sets off to Syria to gather more information on The Prophet.
    • Lara has a run in with Trinity and spends a majority of the game fighting them off and helping the Siberian Remnant resistance square off against the sinister organization.
    • Lara eventually learns what the Divine Source truly is.
    • Lara proves that the common man can ruin anything and destroys the Divine Source before it fell into the wrong hands.
    • Lara heads back home and implies that she will follow evidence of myths-come-true in her coming adventure(s).

    ...and that's pretty much it. I mean, it seemed that Lara was trying to find closure on what happened on Yamatai, continuously claiming that she "saw something [she] can't explain." Hello? Lara? You saw a dead, feudal Japanese queen basically zombified. Rather easy to explain. Jests aside, exactly where in ROTTR did Lara find the answer to her question? How did Queen Himiko gain immortality? How did it start? What's been going on? Did The Prophet offer her access to the Divine Source? If Queen Himiko did use the Divine Source, then Lara's torch in her chest wouldn't have killed her; Queen Himiko would have still been alive and would have died once Lara destroyed the Divine Source.

    Do you see what I'm getting at, or do I sound positively mad? Lara basically went in looking for answers to Yamatai, ended up getting sidetracked and seemed to have completely forgotten about why she started that adventure in the first place. So exactly what is the connection between Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider? Is Lara's only desire to atone for the years she'd discredited and doubted her father? That wasn't the original implication when ROTTR picked up a year after the events of Yamatai. I'm confused.

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    Hmm, I've been thinking about this too. I can only guess and hope that perhaps many of these questions will be tied together in the next game, that being the final instalment of the (supposed) trilogy. Hopefully without making it too 'real world' logic (just like LAU's "it's all tied to Atlantis".

    You make a good point about Himiko. Supposing Himiko did somehow use the Divine Source, perhaps now it's destroyed, Himiko's hold on Sam should also be broken? Come to think of it, we don't know how the DS works. Personally, I'd rather have some mystery left.

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    You make a very good point. No, I don't think the events of RotTR explain what happened on Yamatai. I also don't think the events of RotTR explain what happens in RotTR. Neither Lara nor the player find out exactly what the Divine Source is or how it works. Our only contact with it is a cutscene at the end of the game, a scene which tells us nothing other than the Divine Source appears to be a shard of a larger object, that it transfers some kind of energy into the person holding it, and that it can be shattered. There are some very basic questions about this artifact that are never answered. For example, why did it keep Jacob alive as a normal, healthy, flesh and blood human, but it preserved the Athanatoi as mindless, soulless monsters that are basically just animated suits of armor? Where did Jacob find the Divine Source, and why did he feel he had a right to take it? What exactly is the connection between the Divine Source and those it makes immortal? Does the person's soul go into it, or does some part of the Source go into the person? Why did Jacob not realize centuries ago that the right thing to do would be to destroy it, considering all the death and destruction that it invites? Did the Source give Jacob the wisdom to preach such truths that people began to revere him, or was he already wise? I was left unsatisfied by RotTR's ending, because it leaves so many questions unanswered. Hopefully CD will find a way to knit these stories together in future games, like they did with Legend and Underworld. I still think there should have been a player-controlled moment when Lara find the Divine Source and gets to pick it up, I mean, that's what we played the whole game for.

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    I've thought about this some more and something I remembered from the 2013 reboot struck me. In one of the notes Lara finds that was written by a German officer, he mentions something called the "Star phenomenon." Unfortunately, the game never explores that. We never find out what the German officer was talking about, but I think it must be something very important that has to do with how Himiko gained immortality. I mentioned in my previous post that the Divine Source appears to be a shard of a larger object. Perhaps Himiko possessed another shard of the same object? But this still would not explain how she was able to control the weather, and how she was able to tranfer her life force into another human being. And this brings up another question: when Himiko's chosen heir decided to kill herself with the general's dagger, why didn't Himiko simply choose another heir? I mean, any body would be better than none. Jacob's artifact preserved his physical health, whereas whatever power Himiko had obtained did not prevent her from aging. So we must not be talking about the same kind of power here.

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