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Thread: When will the PS4 Preorders be up again? Update on the beta?

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    Question When will the PS4 Preorders be up again? Update on the beta?

    Seriously, I'm a huge Hitman fan and I want to preorder this game to get into the beta. I can't believe I have to actively find a way to give a company money, but can you give us an update on when the preorders will be back up?

    The Beta on PS4 starts on the 12th, thats eleven days away - this is so stupid, and the fact that there hasn't been an update at all, since the preorders got cancled is kinda ridiculous and rude to fans. How do you expect to get anyone in? At this rate I'd be surprised if the Beta even happens on the 12th, let alone at all. Also, it clearly isn't even a beta, its just a demo, but that's beside the point. For the last few weeks I've been on your side thinking, oh they're trying something new, that's fine, give them a chance. But now, ughhhh, I've reached the point of just being annoyed. I keep checking, and theres no update, no word, nothing. Just give us an update, please. The beta clearly isn't happening on the 12th, so when, or is it even, happening at all?

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    Pre-orders were restored almost a week ago on the US PlayStation Store - link (Open in your browser's Private/Incognito mode if this redirects to your country's store).

    Europe, Australia and New Zealand have yet to have their pre-orders restored - and we cannot pre-order from the American store because our accounts aren't for the American store.

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    The beta is happening on the 12th for PS4.

    I fully acknowledge that the pre-order situation is far from ideal. We've got the right people here at IOI working on getting them updated and back up again ASAP. Thank you for your continued patience and support on this and I'm hopeful that the beta will have been worth the wait.

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    Thank you Travis!

    Hope they will fix it, so we can get access to the Beta. Cant wait for the new Hitman...

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    Thank you Travis! Glad to get some kind of update.

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    Honestly this is really annoying and .........
    I had pre-ordered Hitman on Amazon, which I have cancelled after I read it will physically released end of the year.
    And I've not been informed from Amazon I accidentially found the information in the web.

    No I am trying to Pre-order Hitman on PS4 store to be part of the beta and get the game in March.
    I'd prefer a full game so I am not very happy with this politics, as I am not with Sqaure Enix.
    The problems occur:

    Last Hitman I got that bug which damaged me whole save data so I lost everything.
    Now this thing.
    And I am trying to pre-order at PS4 store for a couple of days and it is still not available.
    Really guys I am not surprised anymore if you do not get it online before beta release!

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