Thread: Parasite eve 2 remastered HD ??

Parasite eve 2 remastered HD ??

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    Parasite eve 2 remastered HD ??

    Hello there i am just wondering is Square enix planning to do some remastered versions of old PSX survival horror games like parasite eve 2 or parasite eve 1 for PS 4 or PC, i love them very much and it will be great to feel like the old times.

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    I would love to play PE2 again on PC. I'd even settle for a Remaster if a Remake would be too expensive...
    Just give me 2x the resolution of the original game, 60 FPS and XBOX Controller support and I'm a happy camper.

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    It was one of my favorites on PS1, or maybe my best.i really really love to see it to be remade or at least remastered.please square enix..

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    Hi, I create a project petition in order to convince Square Enix to take back PE saga. If you are interested you can go to twitter page, petition page and facebook page. You may sign it via petition in and retweeting its tweet here More retweets, than more signs. New email is
    If this petition will be saw by Square probably they will made remastered of the saga. So, help us and spread the world! The petition is also in Japan in order to be more efficient!