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Thread: [Xbox One] Baba Yaga freezes on "Making the Antidote" mission

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    [Xbox One] Baba Yaga freezes on "Making the Antidote" mission

    Baba Yaga DLC freezes when I get to the Making the Antidote mission. I've rebooted the Xbox One, deleted and reinstalled all RoTTR and DLC content, tried switching the Xbox language to English (from Finnish) but nothing seems to help. It crashes in exactly the same spot every time. Only the game freezes, the Xbox One system keeps working fine. Here's a clip of this happening.

    Edit: I loaded a backup save (from about 50 days ago...) and I was able to start Baba Yaga over and finish the story. I did lose my single player progress from 100% to 95%.

    I think the issue may have been caused by the fact that the first time I played Baba Yaga, I was able to enter the room with the antidote instructions and read the journal on the table before the cutscene triggered (notice that the journal is not on the table in the clip above). On the second run the cutscene triggered when I entered the room and I was able to continue just fine.
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