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Thread: League Beta 5.0: 4v4 or 5v5?

League Beta 5.0: 4v4 or 5v5?

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    There isn't a serious league right now anyway, its all just a test. Happy to go with the majority vote 5v5 or 4v4.
    I voted 5v5 because why not. Plus we have to balance those duos who are going to shamelessly lobby hop till they end up in same lobby as their mates somehow.
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    5vs 5

    more excitation, more blood, more caos yeahhh

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    I'm surprised they even asked this question... 5v5 would be stupid as hell

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    Kinda strange that this poll is advertised on twitter and on the steamcommunity but most players are not allowed to vote.
    This poll is a bit unrealistic if you have to register and make 30 posts first.
    Many nosgoth players don't use forums anymore these days, sure they check the news maybe on twitter or steam announcements.

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    This is so cheap XD, I am a 600+hrs player, even donated you some cash, but no, I CANT vote.
    Whatever to say - 5vs5 is born dead, considering the game mechanics.

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    4vs4 for leagues, some games get too laggy and it's just chaotic even when it's working well. 5vs5 is fun because of that chaos but not really suitable for leagues.

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    Damn, polled closed...

    I would have voted for 5v5 as i had a good experience playing it. Although i see some players truly hated 5v5, i wonder why...

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    i dont actually care, as long as there is people with 700 games and 95% winrate. i'm sorry, but i don't believe those players are completely clear. you should check more for cheaters before launching new leagues.

    EDIT: you shouldn't allow 2 players party too. i remember in leagues 2.0 the top 2 of the ranking were always the same 2 guys, with same tag, playing always together. you should make party leagues and solo leagues, in two separate rankings.
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    I prefer 4vs4, not all maps are playable with 5vs5 regarding to how much room there is I think. But both is also possible, why make a decision if you can manage to have it like this.

    But a REAL solo leaugue would be much appreciated, also why not make solo/team and complete solo leagues. That way people who play leagues get some time to do other stuff to in between leagues

    Availabilty should stay 24/7 otherwise it makes no sense starting with it in some countries.
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    Mode 5vs5 might be good for some casual games an disconnecting from high level play, there is so much confusion, teamplay is a bit random as there are too many things going on to keep track and you just try to help the guys that are closer to you. 4vs4 is the only way to play competitive and in ranked.

    As @R3dLine237 pointed out, please take into account who is voting for what, new players like the idea of 5vs5 as I just said, it is random and fun! But more experienced players like the idea of having a game in which strategy, positioning and good decisions make your team win, instead of luck, and 5 vampires focusing one human to play 5vs4 that round.

    BTW, can someone tell me why I cannot vote on the poll or how to do it? Thanks.

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    Originally Posted by eldavimost
    BTW, can someone tell me why I cannot vote on the poll or how to do it? Thanks.
    Cause it's closed...this poll is a bit old.

    5v5 was pretty fun...i hope it comes back.

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