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Thread: game freezing

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    game freezing

    going back from coastal ruins to sheltered ridge got half way down bunker steps and game freezes,tried 3 times same thing,had to switch of game and restart,tried last save point but still freezes,had to revert to fast travel.this is the fourth time runthrough of the game,is it through playing the game to often, or is it a glitch because I have no idea.gothy.

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    I'm on the PS3, I'm not sure what you're playing on. I'm having the exact same problem. Same place, too. It froze every now and then during the game before that. I'm in the bunker and I can't make it out without the game freezing. I'm going to GameStop to ask about it, but I doubt they'll have answers. Troubleshooting forums don't seem to have answers. You're lucky you got to play the game once though. I'm on my first play.

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