Thread: FF7 REMAKE - Give Sephiroth 'Le Beard' Or Something

FF7 REMAKE - Give Sephiroth 'Le Beard' Or Something

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    Big Grin FF7 REMAKE - Give Sephiroth 'Le Beard' Or Something

    This is supposed to be remake and as such lot of changes shall happen so lets get down to basic things like redesign of some of characters. Yes, yes I'm just another random person on internet don't need to tell me that sugar, I'm well aware of it. But as such I have every damn right to voice my opinion in here even though it is for naught, but hey if everyone can whine about stupid thing as will Tifa have 'melons' or 'potatoes' in this remake so can I whine about stupid thing as Sephiroth to get damn beard in here, even though this will not be heeded or even considered at all. So let me start with my "whining".

    Thing is I hate his 'AC' look, I loath it, I want to burn it with the fire!
    His original design was best and seriously have no clue how the hell he went from that to being just another pretty boy eye-candy try to hard samurai! I mean it is beyond ridicules even by FF standards how pretty they made him look in 'AC' how can we fix that? In couple of ways....get him to wear something that doesn't scream "Dominatrix", give him eyepatch ,tie his hair or cut it...but people would murder SE if they ever cut his hair so lol ....or how about just add him facial hair? I mean common, lets make him more mature in here, he is 27 and yet dude looks younger then Cloud with face they gave him in 'AC' plus he is supposed to be Hojo's kid, make him look as such. I'm not saying make him fugly like Hojo in here(he can keep his mother's look) just add damn beard or something to say "I'm not crossdressing Lucrecia in here!". He has huge he could grow beard with no problems.

    And...ugh, I can smell "fangirls" jumping on me but woa dears, I'm girl too and I like pretty things don't take me wrong but Sephiroth dearest looks ridicules ok! So slow down and say will beard seriously destroy his look:

    Did this this looked bad? Of course not! Stop hating on beards, beards are great, uncle Geralt and Big Boss approve of beards so why don't you!

    In short...make Sephiroth more manly by giving the man majestic beard. Poor Barrett got stupid sunglasses in middle of night, Tifa might lose her iconic Sephiroth might as well grow a beard

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    NO WAY, NO "LE BEARD"! I like beards I have one myself but if Sephiroth has a beard he would look to Asian, judging by the pic you shared, Not that that is a bad thing its just Im soo used to seeing a universally hated/liked character that looks like what I imagine a Seraphim looks like (Angel, Fallen)...anyways again NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo

    another point metal gear matches the style look of asian style beards.

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    Its a remake not a reboot, so no.
    Leave alone Sephiroth has been a popular villain overall for years,
    giving him a beard is about the equivalent of Making Cloud's hair blue. Its a no go

    as for Barret's sunglasses, they need to go, we all know the only guy in Final Fantasy 7 that can pull of the sunglasses look is Rude. *turns on the chill Turks theme song.*

    (leave alone Barret also lives in Midgar slums, why do you need sunglasses in a place where there is no natural sunlight?)
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