Bugs encountered while playing the downloaded game on Xbox One:

Remnant Resistance: whenever I try to shoot a rabbit with the bow, the game freezes and crashes.

Using Smoke Grenades: when using a smoke grenade on enemies in the Abandoned Mines, the Y button prompt above the enemies' heads only lasts for a fraction of a second, resulting in Lara being unable to do a melee finisher on an enemy.

Greek Fire Arrows: the flame bursts from Greek Fire Arrows go out too quickly and all at once, causing Lara to burn herself if she steps into the area where they were.

Lara's Glow Stick: Lara will sometimes not light her Glow Stick in dark areas.

Birds sometimes vanish into the ground after you shoot them.

Hanging Salvage Crates: sometimes after shooting a hanging Salvage Crate with a flame arrow, Survival Instincts will show that the hanging crate is still there. This occurs in the Soviet Installation and The Lost City.

Enemy Awareness: often when playing Remnant Resistance or Chapter Replays, when you stealth-headshot an enemy who appears in yellow, other enemies will immediately be alerted to the kill and sometimes even Lara's exact position.

I love this game--please please please do your best to fix these issues. Thank you very much.