I dont think i am the only one with this thought. But i would REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE. Some Cross Buy PS4/PS Vita Version. New Final Fantasy Tactics.

I am not talking about the "GBA/DS" Version because i feel like those are lacking in spirit of the original Final Fantasy Tactics on PS1. Everytime i play any SRPG (Collect them all). I always compare it to a FFT that came out almost two decades ago (June 20, 1997) during my Middle school/High School Years. This game was ahead of it time i still cant think of any new SRPG released in last 20 years that even comes close how awesome this game is. Heck if you compare it now it still holds EPICLY and i dont feel like that game aged at all... just like Johnny Depp...

What i am trying to say... is Square Enix. I think it time you guys created a new Final Fantasy Tactics, It my favorite game you guys ever created, and with PS4 and PS Vita.... You guys can make really awesome game with new story....

Here How to get a BIG SELLER on new FFT:

1) Keep exactly same class system that in FFT but add in like 10-15 classes to it. (And rework the prerequisites for the classes)

2) Create it in the same world as original FFT maybe 500/1000 years later. (No Judges or Laws World, If you want huminoids great but let all both human/bunny/lizard/muggle races + w/e else be able to be every class)

3) The Art Style from Original FFT PSOne.... Use it again, just improve it.

4) Create New Story with few references from old FFT game, and create awesome side missions were we can recruit villians/heroes from the past or at very least fight against them. But of course with alot of betrayal/Love/Murder/War/Justice plot twists, and Maybe even create the evil or dark side of the story if... the Main character really wants to be out for himself and conquer the whole world.

Will Always Love you for FFT,

Adrian aka LordsOfSkulls.