Thread: Deus Ex: HR TYM medical card glitch

Deus Ex: HR TYM medical card glitch

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    Deus Ex: HR TYM medical card glitch

    The situation is this: I am in the China region and am on the main quest line. I need a TYM employee card which will be forged so I can enter a secure building.

    Problem is I knocked out the guy almost immediately after coming to the area (2-3 hours before getting the quest to get the card from him), and I have NO saves before I knocked him out (I know, silly, but how was I to know), and now the card is stuck under the table. It's basically the same problem as this thread but it didn't have a solution. Apparently this was a known glitch that got patched, but it's still managing to with me.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Apparently the only solution is to load a previous saved game, but if you haven't I guess it's messed up...
    I don't remember but is it an objective for the main quest ? If it is I know it's embarassing.
    I could try to find a solution.
    Do you have the latest patch for the game ?

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    There may be a solution. I read in a forum that is you kill the DJ in The Hive bar, it could solve the problem. You can try it, there's nothing to lose. Just make a save before killing him.

    Try this and tell me if it worked. I hope it will help you.

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    Whoa, that's a strange fix. I'll give it a go tonight and let you know!

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    Yeah I know I thougt this to when I saw the fix. Just try and let me know. It's not sure it works but we never know ^^

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    No, nothing doing. Bit of a long shot anyway, but thanks. Where did you pick it up from?

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    I picked up that fix on, a french website about video games (yes I'm French ^^), it worked for some persons, but not everyone. I don't have another fix for the moment. You're welcome anyway ^^

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