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    Dead Sun

    It upsets me that development of Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun was brought to a halt. I believe it should be restarted, or that the games be rebooted in some way. Im dying for an open world vampire game with skill trees and different vampire breeds. character customization is always a must, and the most badass vampire powers of all time should be added.

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    Dead Sun was unapologetically abhorrent and it belongs in limbo it is in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JanusDominus View Post
    Dead Sun was unapologetically abhorrent and it belongs in limbo it is in.
    Agreed. Shame, it had a few good possibilities.
    But if any LoK game should be returned from the dead, it's Dark Prophecy.
    Except that would require the people in charge of the IP to care, and that's simply asking too much. XP

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    I know I am raising the dead here but...

    I looked at Dead Sun and thought to myself: "What is it I do not like about what I am seeing here?"
    I mean, it is easy to not like something but hard to know exactly why. I am going to go a bit on a devils crsade here...but...Its not the plot. As great as the storyline of LoK is...I actually don't really mind a revamp of it or even a 'reimagining' as long as the storyline is as well constructed and captivating as it was in the original.

    Now: I will not write of point on the storyline of Dead Sun. Its an unfinished 32 minute video of something that is not even Beta in my eyes. However, the design of the new 'Soul Reaver' lacks both intelligence and darkness. It certainly is a 'Black' design but it looks nowhere near the tortured body of the original Soul Reaver Raziel.
    The second point of interest is the power-up system. In my eyes the system of power-ups of Dead Sun is a direct copy of the original but...unfortunatly games like Assassins Creed have shown us better ways to 'upgrade' abilities. And stunningly, the original Sould Reaver and Blood omen 2 had better ways of upgrading the character then using picking up items that 'happen to lay around'.

    Then there is the setting. In the 32 minutes of Dead Sun the landscape is constructed atound as an obstaclecourse. And while the LoK games had this somewhat, it was not that heavy. Also, we live in a time where computers can easily create open worlds and those worlds are not approached as linear obstacle courses but as real worlds and the character instead had been made to deal with that world and not the other way around.

    Lastly it is the setting: I think Soul Reaver could get away with a blasted landscape as a startingpoint because of dialoge and immergence. Dead Sun however shows us a landscape tat isn't inspiring without much background. No living cities, no lush forests, nu rough mountains with vast vista's and distant castles.

    But these are problems and not solutions. Mind you that I am a bit enemy here: I don't really mind it if the plot of Raziel and Kain gets tossed. As long as the story is sound, intreging and dynamic I don't really mind the plot. But Dead Sun was poorly seen by many, even outside the LoK fanbase because it presented a lackluster obstaclecourse runned by an unimpressing character.

    Picture a world with deverse landscapes where the Sarafan, the Hylden and the Vampireclans each have their own areas. Where those sides contest in and you as the main character influence that conflict and as such which sides control what. Where there is a day and night cycle with different enemies. Fighting Human patrols by daylight in Avernes and in the night being chased by vampires over the rooftops. or facing Sarafan torchlight patrols in forest by night. Maybe even dungeons here and there (maybe even randomed?)

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    I'd be fine with Dead Sun if it covered all the events between Defiance and itself as well the aftermath the characters we followed throughout the series - covering the past lore and fanservice does a lot. I do find it curious how the main character(s) have some resembling powers to Kain and Raziel and so would like to know more about that, too bad the voice actors assigned doesn't have any "signature" voice inflections, annunciation that differs themselves each apart and from others.

    I think it'd be fine if the lore were covered and intelligently presented, but it depends on your biased opinion.

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    Dead Sun didn't seem like a LoK game at heart. Inconsistancies in the lore, misaimed 'gritty' writing. No, it's probably best that project remains dead (shame Blood Omen 2 couldn't have suffered that fate also :P ).
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