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Thread: can't get out of area past jail escape

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    can't get out of area past jail escape

    I fast traveled to the soviet area where Laura is put in prison and escapes. When you get out of the jail area she leaves her fellow prisoner and goes into an area where there are a lot of enemies. Once they are killed she has to shoot a rope arrow to jump on a platform and go down some broken steps. Then she leaps up to some railings and finally goes into an open window. Problem is the window is now closed and I cannot go back the way I came. May have to start the game over. Any suggestions???

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    I recall the window being closed on my way back through that area after finishing the game. What exactly is stopping you from going back to the base camp? IIRC there's only one camp in the prison area and there is a direct path through the entire area with that camp being near-ish the halfway point.
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    look on the ground where you fired the arrow from there is a red flare,indicating a tunnel,its your escape route out of the place.gothy.

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    OK, where the cells are, come out of that building and your on a porch with a roof. Go left to the end of the porch then left into the fenced area and head straight back and go under the walkway. This leads to a watery tunnel that will get you out.

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