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Tips for your Teammates

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    Tips for your Teammates

    When the lust for blood tickles the tongue of a desperately parched Vampire, or the red mist descends upon Humans fighting for the lives of their families and friends; it’s all too easy to become completely consumed by lust and rage. In those moments, even the best of us can forget the most basic tactics and lessons learned on the battlefields of Nosgoth.

    To keep key gameplay tips fresh in the minds of players, we’re going to be adding them to Nosgoth’s loading screen, and we want to give you the opportunity to contribute your top tips. Just think, what do you wish your teammates knew/did when you’re playing with them?

    Tips about Tips
    When writing tips, it’s important to keep them clear, short & punchy. The shorter the better, 100 characters (including spaces) is the maximum limit. Here are some examples to start the creative juices flowing:

    • Use “V” and “C” to ping enemy positions and communicate with your team
    • Wait for your team to group-up around the enemy before attacking
    • Don’t forget feed on the flesh of the fallen after a fight
    • Sentinels plucking you from the ground? The Hunter’s Bola & Prophet’s Hex Shot are great counters

    We’re looking forward to seeing your suggestions. To submit a tip, simply post them in this thread. Feel free to post as many as you want . The closing date for submissions is Tuesday the 12th of January.
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    I do enjoy opportunities for the community to get involved with some of the features of the game. I'm going to throw out a few possible tips, but if anyone wants to try rewording or adjusting my tips, go right ahead. Here we go:

    - Check the health of your teammates before feeding yourself. They may need it more than you.
    - Press spacebar while falling through the air to fly as the Sentinel.
    - Invisible units still produce footsteps that can be both seen and heard.
    - You take damage from your own AoE abilities, but not from the abilities of your allies!
    - High places may give you a better shot, but they also make you more vulnerable to fall damage.
    - The Deceiver’s Illusions or the Summoner’s Ghouls can trigger a Scout’s Trap for you.
    - Protect the bodies of fallen allies to prevent vampires from feeding.
    - Don’t feed in the open! Drag the body somewhere safe to feed.
    - Sentinels don’t need to fly everywhere. Sometimes it’s better to walk.
    - Sentinels are quite effective against the Alchemist and Vanguard classes.
    - Disguised Deceivers cannot run, dodge, or reload. Keep an eye out for unusual behavior.
    - Holding RMB at the beginning of a Deceiver’s Disguise grants a short window of invisibility.

    That's all I've got for now, but I'd suggest tweaking the "Sentinel Counter" example above to include Eldritch Guard. It's probably the unrivaled Sentinel counter at the moment. Also, there was a thread created quite some time ago that was all about tips for new players. There might be some good tips to use in there from myself and some other people. Here's a link to the thread:

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    Originally Posted by Oghamsmith
    [*]Sentinels plucking you from the ground? The Hunter’s Bola & Prophet’s Hex Shot are great counters
    + charged warbow
    +400 dmg to sent
    do you think that someone will read these tips? and are they useful?
    better create nosgotpedia with diversified advices for basic, advanced and expert levels of game.
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    - A Deceiver's disguise can be seen through walls by the enemy team. Use with caution!
    - Shroud makes a Deceiver harder to see but it also makes a lot of noise.
    - As a Scout, keeping your bow drawn for too long will decrease your accuracy.
    - A Tyrant can use Ignore Pain to shield his allies from incoming damage.
    - Watch your back while using a healing station. A vampire might strike when you're at your weakest.
    - Be vigilant! There are many sound cues that can give away a vampire's approach.
    - Teamwork is essential for victory.
    - Chasing a wounded enemy might lead you into an ambush.
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    - As Vampires try to attack as a team, if you attack alone you're an easy target.
    - If you are doing bad, try to support the players which are doing good.
    - As a human it's crucial to not break the line of sight to your allies.
    - Sitting on a rooftop as reaver, waiting for a kill, is not only useless, it also alarms the enemy team because u make noises.
    - Try to adapt your picks to the enemy team and to your own team. Playing just one class makes you vulnerable to counterpicks.
    - Playing more than 2 Scouts makes you lose games.
    - If someone trys to give you constructive tips, don't feel insulted.

    Thanks for reacting to the suggestions on reddit. This is just the beginning I guess.

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    - cover your teammates while they're healing
    - don't execute at full health when a teammate needs to feed
    - keep your critique constructive, don't be harsh
    - as humans: stay in line of sight
    - as vamps: keep track of your teammates positions

    (There should be an indicator for 'I have nomz for you' at the 'C' )

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    - Use Bolas on Tyrants using Ignore Pain, especially when they try to escape by climbing. This will usually get you a kill.
    - Human team composition generally does well with at least two people that have a disabling ability, such as Bola, Hex Shot, or War Bow
    - If a teammate is already engaged by a vampire, immediately use your disabling abilities to stop damage to them. Waiting until the vampire tries to flee after potentially killing them is too late.
    - Mark Target is a great way to foil Deceivers before Disguise or Illusions is used. Sometimes you can mark an invisible Deceiver when you see the dust clouds from their footsteps. Be vigilant and listen.
    - Mark Target allows the War Bow to deal over 200 damage regular shots, hitting very hard.
    - If you've been dominated, ping the Deceiver. It's usually not hard to find them.
    - 300 damage is the threshold to break Pounce, Kidnap/Abduct, and Dominate Mind. Swift Bows can be very good for this.
    - Instant damage abilities like Light Bomb and Explosive Shot are very good for eliminating Illusions and ghouls.
    - Blinding effects will stop vampire abilities that are winding up.

    - Choking Haze works well with reaver Leap Attack and Sweeping Kick, as well as Kidnap/Abduct or Dominate Mind. Throw Haze and then stun the human standing in it with your special ability.
    - Vary your use of Disguise. Sure it can be used to open, but often I will fall from a rooftop next to humans, land infect, hit Illusions or Shroud, and then hover nearby until I can land a charged melee. Fading away in mid-combat with Disguise gives me another chance to open again, possibly near a healing station
    - If you're going to use Dominate Mind, tell your teammates and ping the ground where the human is at when you've landed DM.
    - Use Kidnap to change elevation and separate humans. This works very well on maps like Freeport.
    - If a scout stands on a Trap mine, activate it by charged meleeing into him and immediately rolling away. Otherwise jump down beside him and roll away.
    - With Tyrant Jump Attack, scout your target and then move from line of sight to use it. You'll get disabled less. Jump Attack needs to be practiced.
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    -Human? Blue goo is your friend!
    -Don't be afraid to change class, abilities or strategy
    -He who knows when to retreat lives another day!
    -Don't be a hero, going it alone is dangerous

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    Check behind you often, not just for enemies that might attack, but also for teammates that might need your help.
    Reavers are vulnerable when they have pounced on someone. There's no need to wait until they're done killing your teammate before you attack them.
    Remember you're not the leader/commander unless your team agrees in advance to follow your orders, even if you are the most skilled.
    Ask which classes people are good at before demanding they play the one you want them to.
    As humans, sticking together does not mean close enough to hold hands, it just means close enough to shoot vampires that are attacking your teammates.
    If a teammate is running away, check their health. They could need guarding instead of being yelled at.
    Obey Wheaton's Law at all times.
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    no access to game Nosgoth in the Republic of Kazakhstan Please help

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    • When things aren't going well, keep a cool head, look at your teams composition and work out which class would better compliment your teams strategy.
    • When facing 2 or more Sentinels, you need at least 2 Humans countering using Warbow, Hexshot, Bola or Eldritch Guard.
    • Remember, distraction is an effective method of attack for Vampires so keep an eye on ALL of your team mates and don't just watch rooftops.
    • If you or a party member is getting focussed by Vampires and minions, use an AOE such as Prophets Draining Curse and place it right on point. Beware though, you will take some self damage when standing within the AOE.
    • Cancelling your abilities animation early by hitting 'E' can be the difference between life and death such as when slashing after using Savage Pounce.
    • Don't waste your Bola or Hexshot on charging Tyrants or Jumpers who then pop Ignore Pain.
    • Always prevent Humans from healing where possible. As a Reaver, save your Choking Haze to deny health station use.
    • If you are left solo after a wipe, start running towards where your party respawns, live to fight again!
    • If you are low on health mid battle, sneaking off to a health station away from the fight is the best option if you know you are not being followed.
    • When you run out of ammo mid fight, don't reload ! 1 or 2 melee hits could be all you need to win!
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    Nicely done folks, there are some great tips and suggestions in here! Just a few hours left until we reach the cut-off point for this batch of submissions, but please feel free to continue to add to this thread, we may open up a second round of submissions in a couple of months time.
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  13. Originally Posted by Gugulug5000
    - The Deceiver’s Illusions or the Summoner’s Ghouls can trigger a Scout’s Trap for you.
    I want to add:
    You can do a charged melee attack through a Scout's Trap without getting hurt. The Trap will go off too late.

    And also:
    If you abducted a Human as a Sentinel, use the map to see where to drop him for maximal fall damage. You can also use the map to drop him near teammates.

    As Human: Ping a Sentinel that is holding you by making the camera face down on the ground.
    As Sentinel: Ping the prey in your claws by making the camera face up into the sky.

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    never abduct/kidnap straight into a human, swirl or dive from above

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    -Don't run back into battle as human alone wait for re spawn. So vampires don't catch you off rotation.
    -Stay with you team on human side.
    -Try to engage all at the same time on vamp side a basic count down like 3, 2, 1, go helps a lot.
    -Saving CC for last resort or saving a team.
    -You can bola birds fairly easily once u get the hang of them especially if they are straight grabbing.
    -Team comp matters usually stacking more than 2 of the same class isn't the best idea against good teams.
    -Play eldritch guard with bloodweaver as its extremely strong support skill that could easily let u win fights.