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Thread: NUDE MEMBER PHOTOS! | Community Chat Photo Album | now with entire collection in OP!

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    Big Grin NUDE MEMBER PHOTOS! | Community Chat Photo Album | now with entire collection in OP!

    [Mod edit: j/k @ title. Got you looking here, though, didn't it? ]

    A fresh new forum, fresh new people, fresh new Photo's

    Show yourself in the forum. If you want other people to know who they are writing to, use this thread to post your pic.

    How to post a picture!

    If your photo is already on the internet:

    Please first run the URL of the image through this tool and then copy&paste the appropriate IMG tags into your post here. This step is to ensure that your image won't end up dead in the future, as this has often happened in the past with member photos and over the years, the forum staff has spent quite a lot of time maintaining this thread by deleting or fixing broken images.

    If your photo is still only on your computer:

    You can use this image host to upload your photo from your computer. The host will afterwards automatically create the appropriate IMG tags for posting in this thread.

    Also, please keep in mind that when you post a very big image it may distort the forum view for those on lower desktop resolutions. If your image is over 800 pixels wide, we request that you use the [THUMB] tags instead of the [IMG] tags. The aforementioned tool and image host will automatically warn you if your image is very big and will create the appropriate thumb code.


    Edit by Driber, Jan 5, 2012:

    I've collected all the pics of all members who have posted in this photo thread and in the one in the TR section.

    Here are the latest fun-loving forum members:

    (Click on a thumbnail to enlarge | Latest additions at the top)

    To view the entire collection containing every single fun-loving forum member who posted their photo
    on the forum during the past 10+ years, go here:

    I will keep this collection updated with new faces added to these threads


    Quick links, in chronological order: (defunct)

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Apr 2001
    The new, shorter haired version of me -:

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    Jun 2002


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    Wait... why doesn't it show a picture???

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    Big Grin LOOKIT!!!! LOOK WHAT WILLOW DID!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU WILLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hullo : )

    we are all lying in the gutter, but only some of us are looking at the stars.

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    I like the mugshot of CatSuit in the Star Trek outfit I saw once.
    I didn't forget that.

    Pic of me? NEVER!

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    Originally posted by SpyroDragon
    I like the mugshot of CatSuit in the Star Trek outfit I saw once.
    I didn't forget that.
    Here you are Dragon, this is the work you mean, yes?




    TLF! You little cutie!!

    ...And Goku....are you security there?? I know that I wouldn't want to be caught misbehaving if you are the deterrent!

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    Yes Cat. That's the one!

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    See newer photo on page 6.

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    Originally posted by tomb_raiding
    You Guys look Great

    PS I can't post a pic of mine coz I don't know how to get it on the web
    I'll post it for you. Send it here:
    Originally posted by Xcom:
    Glad I saved it. HAHAHA.
    You saved it?

    Ohh boy....:-\
    Originally posted by PtTe2:
    Isa so, so sorry, Hikingboots! I was just joking! That was a very tasteful and great pic of you. I try not to make comments along those lines, as we see they can be misunderstood. Please forgive me? (and re-post your pic)
    Argh... fine. But it'll be a different one. And btw- I'm not mad or anything, I just realized that I didn't really want to show off that much. It's not really a good idea, if you know what I mean. Like I said before, no hard feelings, eh?

    Anyway, here's a somewhat less exposed pic of me, even tho I look like crap because it was 105° outside. Blech.

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    Originally posted by SpyroDragon
    Michigan. (sorry)

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    Nice beer-holder-and-not-letting-it-sink-in-the-water-cooling thingy (at least that's what I think it is)

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    Oh. I didn't know I can edit my reply.

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    acouple more pics

    i brought a digital camara


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    i looove that tatoo chuffy!!!!!!

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    weeeeeeeeeeeeo here'z me oncet again:

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    Now that's what I call reviving a thread in style!

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    Originally posted by Jorge22
    Yeah, I hadn't seen this thread in a while! Isn't it possible to upload a picture directly from one's computer?
    You need the ability to host the image. I suppose if you're set up as a server you could. *shrugs* My advice to you would be to locate an external host. If you have an FTP client, you may want to check They offer 25 MB for free. Or you can see if someone will host your pic for you.

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    Big Grin

    Not that you really want to know but...

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    Excuse me, but all this time theBlackman I imagined you to be a black man!!!!

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    You're not alone, I'm also guilty of that assumption LM.

    Forums can be decieving places, I can remember a time, long ago, when I thought Dave was 12

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    guess im the only one who didn't picture him a blackman?

    heres the most recent one of me .... but just yesterday i got my hair chopped off...big mistake


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    Hey, I also never thought he was a black man!... But then again, he might be a black man and I'd be wrong...

    TRC, won't you show us some new picture of yourself with your new haircut?
    Anger is an energy!!!!

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    hells no

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