Okay so, I just finished Life is Strange (yeah I'm a bit late) and... feelings... You know what I mean. But after this, I want to give my point of view on this game and the final choice (huge one here).

What I like is that the player is really "like" Max. Both discover their power, both travel through time, both figure out things at the same speed, both realize at the same moment. At first, you're lost, you don't know what happening. Here's the plot. Then, the story goes on but for me, the real turning point is when you alters time the first time while trying to save Chloe's father, William. You begin to understand that your power is not without damages. Here's the statement : you can't fix everything even if you're actually able to rewind time and change what already happened.

This is now that the connection between the weather and your power starts to emerge. Mostly during the 4th episode and in the 5th of course, you figure out that the whole story started when you saved Chloe at the very beginning. You try to make theories. Who? When? What? Why? These questions keep turning in your head.

The 5th episode has been so intense for me. Holy crap... This is where I realized that Life is Strange is more than a game. There are questionnements that go deeper in feelings, in the human nature... You was hooked up by the game and I couldn't stop until I finished it. And I ended up when I had to make that huge choice, hard. It took me nearly 15mn to make my decision.

And here's what I thought. I chose to sacrifice Arcadia Bay. Not Chloe. It was, after some reflexion time, a clear choice to me, let me go through it. The whole story, Max is the Chloe's guardian angel and Chloe is the exact opposite of Max in term of temper. Max is a reserved girl, she always doubts when it comes to make a choice. Otherwise, Chloe is impetuous, she rushs through her life without thinking to much. And it's why they're so "bound" to each other. And saving Chloe, even if I had to sacrifice hundreds of people, is the right thing to do after all my decisions. I mean, yes of course, saving Arcadia Bay would've been the best solution I guess. But it was like I wasn't assuming all the choice I make throughout the game. And since the game is based on the impact of decisions (butterfly effect and chaos theory...), to prove that Max changed her mind, I decided to assume what I've done which is bound to Chloe. I don't know if you follow me.

Anyway, the point is I truly love this game for the whole background, the atmosphere it gives off and, most of all, the message it passes. Be yourself, help when you can, make decision and stick to them. An anthem to beautifulness.

(Sorry for possible mistakes, I tried my best as a non-english dude).