Thread: I'm the 1st on this topic !!

I'm the 1st on this topic !!

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    I'm the 1st on this topic !!

    I couldn't leave it empty now could I ?
    All I want to say is that I'm looking forward to the new Fear Effect game.

    I hope we can get some more info soon.

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    Me too!
    I already saw an in-game movie at and it looks amazing!
    When is it coming out? I loved FE1 and 2, they are my favourites after the Tomb Raider series, and I can't wait to play it.

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    10-4 to that one, hehehe.

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    Me too!!!
    I can't wait to play it.

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    Takemura, welcome on board my friend.

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    Eidos told your reply by the E-mail.

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    Takemura, indeed they did bro.
    *Thumb's up*

    (I haven't seen any other Fear Factory Member around, maybe they'll come by later.)

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    Thumbs Up

    Hi peeps!

    Looking forward to FE3 here too.
    The originals are still my fave PS games ever.

    I look forward to seeing what the PS2 can do for them!