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Thread: [Xbox One] Endurance Mode Achievement Issue

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    [Xbox One] Endurance Mode Achievement Issue [RESOLVED]

    I believe I have fulfilled the criteria for the "Nope" achievement several times but it is not popping for me.

    I start a game, get what I need to light a signal fire from the back of the snowcat, find a signal fire without doing anything else then hold X to light it. I wait for the helicopter which drops its rope and I press X to grab it. I am rescued and the game ends.

    Game stats say I am rescued in Day 1 with no artifacts found. No achievement.

    I have restarted my Xbox and can confirm that other achievements are registering OK.

    EDIT: Just discovered that you must select the Challenge for any achievements you want to get in the game menu before you start the game. Did this for "Nope" and the achievement popped.
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    What!? I was having the same issue and was going to post about it but I'm glad I saw this. So to get the achievements, make sure the challenge is active for it... that's so dumb. seems like a shortcut way of coding in the achievements, by binding it to the challenge rather than a separate counter behind the scenes. I guess they dont want us to get all the achievements in go.

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    Well only one achievement is glitched and its One Way To Do It and all it says under the challenges is that it is in progress once you hit freezing and stays like that

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