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Thread: For Whom The Bell Tolls - Softwood Surface not available

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    For Whom The Bell Tolls - Softwood Surface not available

    Hi there
    Enjoying the game immensely
    I'm trying to access the bell in the highest tower. I understand that you need to fire arrows into the exposed softwood to be able to clamber across the building
    Does anyone have any ideas what I'm missing or is there a technical issue. I have tried restarting

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    I also am having this problem. Maybe its too early in the game or something but the soft wood is completely missing. Its regular stone wall and hard wood surfaces to get to the last bell. I thought I was going crazy looking for a way up and then watched some youtube vids and they both had the softwood in those spots.

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    Its no bug. That part will be accessible as you progress through the story.

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