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Final Fantasy VII Remake - My Concept Proposal

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    Final Fantasy VII Remake - My Concept Proposal

    ATTENTION - Long Thread - Be prepared!

    I make this directly clear here - this thread doesn't exist in first place as a discussion platform, but more as a way for me in hope to reach with it the persons that were mainly responsible for the original game and are now responsible for the REMAKE - namely Mr. Yoshinori Kitase, Producer and Director for the REMAKE, Mr. Tetsuya Nomura responsible for the Character Design and namely Mr. Kazushige Nojima, responsible for the overall Story and Lore from the whole Final Fantasy VII-verse.

    To introduce first myself - brief said I'm an absolute RPG-Fan, I've grown up with RPG's literalyl since I was roughly 6 years old with my first RPG that I played being Mystic Quest - Final Fantasy 1991 on the SNES and six years later at the age of roughly thirteen it was Final Fantasy VII on the PS1, which was the sole and only reason for why I wanted to get the console back in the past.
    Until today i've played the game through in honor of its number exactly 7 times over the last 18 years and I consider myself as an absolute true fan of this game - it is until today clearly one of the best RPGs that were ever created and by saying this I cannot wait for it, until I can play the REMAKE completely in its foll glory on my PS4 on my FULL HD TV with that beign a totally different much better experience alone, than what I had 18 years ago - this alone shows, how much time has changed and that not only by making a Remake of a Game thingy can get significantly improved over time, but also alot of other factors that had influence on a game experience have changed over tie, became more modern and alot better by now, that what we have experienced in our past and that the technology of today is in alot of things massively better now is the other side of the coin, why we see now a Remake of final fantasy VII finally happening.
    The time was ripe for it to happen "finally". With this console generation, we have now the kind of powerful systme, that is easy enough to handle for Developers to make things, like a Final Fantasy VII Remake happen and that with the kind of QUALITY, that this game absolutely deserves to receive.

    However, with a game like Final Fantasy VII, which is by far the most popular RPG for many players outside there that has by far the absolute most cult status, especially for western players, because of the game beign literelly for the western markets back in 1997 the breakthrough for alot of RPGs to follow, brings naturally also alot of - how should I say it - naturally "expectations".

    Everyone out there, who has played this game and loves it alot, surely has its very own individual expectations, from what you want to see for the Remake.
    I want to share with this thread my PERSONAL view of what I kind of would like to see how Square Enix should create the Remake. What I kind of expect from a game that brings with itself such a huge legacy, so that the result at the end of it can truly be called a satisfying game, which overtops in all points all of our expectations and delivers us practically the absolute most ULTIMATE REMAKE EXPERIENCE that can be possible - and here comes now the most important point - without that the remake changes too much things, stays near to the original game's story, while its storytelling should become alot more modern and up to date with todays technologies, mixing the things up from the original game also with all the story content, which Square Enix added later over the years with the spinoff games that are all based around the original game#s story, which were either set in their time settings before or after the story of the original game.

    By the decision to make the Final Fantasy VII REMAKE a game, that will be splitted up into multiple episodic parts - what I think is the most best decision that could have been done for this game as it will allow the developers to significantly improve the whole game in so many different areas based on the practically same Design Core Pillars, that were taken into consideration for the whole game development of Final Fantasy XV, which when you look close to it, shares already now alot of the technologies with what we have seen so far from the trailers for the Final Fantasy VII REMAKE.

    So far so good.
    Due to not having the time now to post everything naturally in one go now, I will leave for now first only a kind of Basic Frame, which I will continue over the next days to will with more content of the Concept Proposal, which is a collection of suggestions, concepts and proposals with that I think could Square Enix improve significantly the game, hoping that these things can find maybe teir consideration while developing the game over the next years, listening to the Player Feedback, as I think our feedback for the remake is basically the most valuable information that the developers of the Remake should listen to, to ensure that this huge Remake Project becomes a great success and not the world's biggest overhyped flop game ever in gaming history.

    One important last thing needs to be said, before I will continue in the next posting with the Basic Frame of my Concept Proposal:

    "Regardless of what the developers will do with the Remake, regardless of what kind of design decisions they will make in the distant near future while working on this Remake - one thing will alwaays be 100% certain sure about this development of this game - the clear fact, that regardless what they do, they will NEVER be able to please absolutely every single Final Fantasy VII-Fan.
    There will always be design elements and changes, where alot of people will clearly say, that it will be a massive improvement for the game over the original game, as there will also always be peoplewhich will surely not like certain design decisions, because they change the game into something, that is in regard of gameplay mechanics completely different, than the original game.

    However, with this beign said, I want to remind many peopel out there, that from begin on was said by the developers, that if they ever will make a remake of Final Fantasy VII, that it would be NEVER their intention to just make exactly 100% the same game , just only with better graphics, because thats not the meaning of making a "REMAKE" - If you just bring a game out, that is 100% the same thing, like the original, but only with better graphics, then this is not a Remake, it is just only a REMASTER.

    A Remake is MEANT FOR IT to improve the original game in many factors, be it from Story Design, be it from Tech Design, be it from Game Design or be it from Art Design and the latest trailer of Final Fantasy VII REMAKE clearly vand significantly shows this stunningly good, which kind of direction a much more modern Final Fantasy VII looks and feels like.
    Personally I think that trailer alone showed already a nearly perfect Remake Design, that can work as a proper solid foundation to build up on it the whole game.
    Sure, here n there some visual finetuning more and the other important Gameplay Systems need to be fleshed out now, but thats exactly why I made this thread!

    So with no further ado, here for now the Basic Frame onto which I build up my proposal, which I hope will catch maybe over this site somehow the attention of the responsible developers enough, to be taken into their thought and design processses for the development of the remake:

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    Basic Frame:

    - Before Crisis - Several Years before the Original Plot
    - Original Plot
    - After Crisis - 2-3 years after the Original Plot
    - Proposal - How the whole Story of the Compilation should get told
    - Multi Episodic Design - Final Fantasy VII - 7 Episodes
    Each of those Episodes stands for one of the in my opinion seven most important and iconic segments of the Story from the Game

    - Episode I: Final Fantasy VII - Shinra's Fall - Focus on Midgar and the Fall and Rise of the Shinra Corporation Inc. by the president's son Rufus Shinra
    - Episode II: Final Fantasy VII - Jenova Project - Focus on the Story around the Jenova Project that lead to the incidents at the Nibelheim Reactor, Clouds, Zacks and Sephiroth's past
    - Episode III: Final Fantasy VII - Forgotten Lands - Focus on the Story to the Point of Aerith's death by Sephiroth's hand in the Forgotten Land
    - Episode IV: Final Fantasy VII - Weapons of Gaia - Focus on the Story to the Point, that Gaia activates based on feelings danger for the planet itself its own self defense system - the Weapons
    - Episode V: Final Fantasy VII - Lost Memories - Focus on the very important Story Part around Clouds twisted and halfway lost real memories that clear up alot of thigns, how they happened really in the past
    - Episode VI: Final Fantasy VII - Ground Zero - Focus to the Story to the point of defeating Sephiroth
    - Episode VII: Final Fantasy VII - Stigmata - Focus on the Content of Advent Children, now playable in the Remake, to give us players all the real ULTIMATE TRUE ENDING that we all basically saw with Advent Children, how it basically should have been already in the original game, instead of showing us a like 250 years older nanaki with his kids, what was like totally out of context and absolutely not something, what peopel wanted to see as "ending". The movie delivered everything, what all players in the past always wanted to see as ending in the original game, seeign how their beloved characters are doing some years later and especially a Cloud that can smile finally at the end truly out from heart by going on with his life, hanging not anymore on his own self saddening burden of guilt, that he couldn't basically save his love Aerith from death and that he had to see her death directly in front of his eyes in a situation of being totally helpless. Saying goodbye to basically the spirits of his dead best friends to get peace with himself again.

    Gameplay Mechanics
    - Combat System
    - Limit Breaks/ Skills
    - Materia System/ Summons
    - Minigames/ Gold Saucer
    - Travel System/World Map
    - Equipment & Attributes/ Character Development
    - Conditions

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    There are by now due to Square Enix expanding the Story around the Final Fantasy VII-verse via Games and Movies like Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus alot of story parts.
    I think it is now with the remake the most best time to use the decision of the multi episodic game design to enhance the whole story of the original game by closing all the story gaps from the beginning to the end of the original game, wherefore basicalyl the developers absolutely had neither the space on the discs, nor eventually the budget for the game to put all this story into the original game, so that all this background story around the Turks, around the Wutai War, around Zacks past and connections to Cloud and Aerith, around Angeal and Genesis and his own past and the missing Weapons of Gaia that coudn't be shown in the original game and be fought also against (Sapphire Weapon, Jade Weapon, Omega Weapon) could be placed into the game as well. Squaresoft hat surely to cout out alot of planned content of the game to press it into the 3 disks that we received then back in 1997 and back in 1997 were ganmes so big, that developers needed to use even more than just 1 disk were already very very rare and unsual and Final Fantasy VII topped it then already with a third disk. I'm pretty sure, if they could have putted everything in in regard of background story, what we receive later in the follow up games after Final Fantasy VII, the game would have had for sure a fourth disk.

    However, not everythign what the newer games showed and explained to us can be implemented naturally in a 1:1 way into the Remake.
    So this is exactly the point now, where modern story telling and modern technologies come into play to find ways how these story parts of the newer games that explained something of the game's story that happened before the events of the original game can be told to the player, so that they learn everythign what we learned about the games history from playing the newer games, without actualyl having to have played them, but instead receive these infos now via the improved story telling of the Final fantasy VII Remake.

    Things like this can easily be done via following options for the remake:

    1) Implement somewhere into the Remake collectable History Book Items, which the player can find to hear about the history of something from the Compilation Content that was before the original game's plot from before Crisis, or
    2) Learn these things from talking with the Turks, give actually also the Turks in the Remake more Screen Time for this, because the Turks are the Main Characters of the whole Before Crisis Game. BC's content is all about the history about them, the Shinra Corporation and the Wutai War that was part of the companies history how it became Gaias most powerful military and energy company of the planet by defeating Wutai in a war to force them to accept their conditions
    Like Square Enix plans already to give Biggs, Wedge and Jesse more screen time to flesh out these Side Characters more in the Remake, they should do this also for other very important Side Characters, like especialyl the Turks, as they played also later in Advent Children a bigger role, they were already i nthe original game also our antagonists, even if not with realyl evil intentions, what made them also kind of sympathic, because they are practically just an other group with different goals, that simply crossed the goals of the hero group here and there sometimes, to the point that you even cooperate at one point in the game with them to help out each other to rescue team members of both sides that got kidnapped.
    3) Historical Flashbacks, simply through doing somethign in the game, the game could give you some kind of historical flashback,v as if Cloud would try to remember hisself on something, what he once has learned about the Turks while for example talking with Zack or so or someone else to give the game the connection that is simply needed, so that the game can show you somethign of the historical story that happened before the oginal game plot about the Wutai War and the Turks or Zacks and Sephiroths past and their events they had with characters like Angeal or Genesis.


    Square Enix has made pretty early very clear, that they won't add to the game any new Characters. With that statement i think they meant, that they won't add any new playable characters as kind of new playable content. I'm sure thats also somethign that nobody would expect here from them to do, as adding new playable characters would make no sense, because none of characters from the newer games played any role at all in the story of the orinal game, neither Angeal, neither Genesis, nor any other older Turks and so on..adding them as playable characters just only for some kind of playable historical gameplay would be too much effort, when the Remake should be mainly all about the original game's story and not some kind of 3 in 1 surprise egg of 3 merged games in one.
    However, I personally seriously hope and kind of expect fro mSquare Enix this time, that they integrate completely from the begin on this time for the Remake the Characters Vincent Valentine and Yuffie Kisaragi completely into the plot of the game, instead of adding them again as some kind of practically unimportant "bonus characters" like they were implemented in the original game, where they were practically for the game and its plot so uninportant,m that you could also totally ignore recruitign both of them and it would have made no difference for you.
    Thats definetely something that needs to be improved and changed for the Remake!! Both of them need to become fully integrated story characters that you need to recruit to progress further in the game and which both should get also a bit more screen time to get more fleshed out as both of them join the game kind of half way on the game's story first, while all others, except of Cid and Cait Sith already are part of the team very early in the game, while the latter two kind of feel alot more integrated to the game, than Vincent and Yuffie, because they play roles in the games plot and are imporetant for the plot, while Vincent and Yuffie sadly had practically no roles in the whole plot, other than being optional side characters for you.

    Crisis Core
    This part of the Compilation is very important to be fleshed out more in the Remake, because Crisis Core is alot of background information about Zack Fair, his relationship to Cloud and Aerith as also we learn more about Sephiroth's past, alot of stuff, that would have been very nice, if alot more of that would have been told already in the original game's plot...more than just only that bonus scene in the Nibelheim Laboratory where we see something about Zack how he travels with Cloud together, and more about their shared memories around the Nibelheim Reactor, Zacks death, how Zack became the boyfriend of Aerith, before Cloud met her and so on - that are all the nice meaty infos, that fans of the game want to see getting fleshed out more in the Remake, so that story gaps and plot holes from the original game get closed.

    Here again can be used more modern story telling to add more of these nice side infos through getting them told by characters, reading about them or seeing things as flashbacks when trying to remember on something. Main Character number one that could be used here naturally to give us more infos about Zack and his past is naturally Aerith self for example in Gongaga, where we learn about it, that she was once together with Zack, Zacks parents in Gongaga also could tell us alot more about him and his past ect. pp

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    Multi Episodes in Chronological Content Order

    Final Fantasy VII - Episisode I: Shinra's Fall
    (Big focus mainly on Midgar as its the largest Town of the whole Game)

    - Intro
    - Raid on Reactor Number One
    - Hideout - Sector Seven
    - Raid on Reactor Number Five
    - Saving Aerith/ Sector Six
    - Crossdressing at Wall Market/ Infiltrating Don Corneo
    - The Sewers
    - The Train Graveyard
    - First Meeting with the Turks - The Pillar of Sector Seven
    - Back in the Slums - Wall Climbing
    - Assault on the Shinra Headquarter
    - Red XIII
    - Shinra's Fall - Rise of Rufus
    - Escape from Midgar - Chasing Sephiroth
    - Journey to Kalm - Reorganization - Clouds Story

    Final Fantasy VII - Episode II: Jenova Project
    - Chocobo Ranch - Crossing the Marshes avoiding Midgar Zolom
    - Mythril Mine - Meeting the Turks
    - Side Trip - Fort Condor
    - Military Base Town Junon - Saving Priscilla
    - Battles of Fort Condor
    - A Parade for Rufus
    - To Costa Sol - Jenova Birth
    - Mount Corel
    - Gold Saucer
    - Corel Prison - Barret's Past - Duel with Dyne
    - Gongaga Village - Meeting the Turks - Scarlet's Search for Strong Materia
    - Cosmo Canyon - Nanaki's Father and the Cave of the Gi
    - Nibelheim & the Shinra Mansion
    - Mount Nibel - The Nibel Reactor
    - Sephiroth - The Jenova Project.

    Final Fantasy VII - Episode III: Forgotten Lands
    - Rocket Town - In the Name of Science and unfulfilled Dreams - Cid Highwind
    - Side Trip - Bone Village
    - Wutai - Kidnapping - The Turk Cooperation
    - Finding the Keystone
    - A Date with your Love Interest/Best Buddy (however you want to see it)
    - The Temple of the Ancients - Black Materia and the Myth of Meteor
    - Through the Sleeping Forest (Bone Village)
    - City of the Ancients - the Forgotten Capital
    - Aerith's Death - Jenova Life
    - Leaving the Forgotten Lands - To the Northern Crater
    - Coral Valley
    - Icicle Inn

    Final Fantasy VII - Episode IV - Weapons of Gaia
    - The Great Glacier - Through the Snow Fields
    - Gaea's Cliff
    - The Northern Crater - Whirlwind Maze
    - Illusions and Trust - Jenova Death
    - Summoning of Meteor - Gaia's Weapons activate!
    - Attack of Sapphire Weapon
    - Junon - Prison Break
    - Mideel

    Final Fantasy VII - Episode V: Lost Memories
    - Collecting Huge Materias
    - Revisiting Fort Condor
    - Revisiting Corel
    - Mideel - Attack of ultima Weapon
    - The Life Stream - Lost Memories
    - The Underwater Reactor of Junon
    - The Sunken Gelnika - Meeting the Turks
    - Revisit Rocket Town - Space Odyssey - A dream becomes true
    - The Key of the Ancients - Attack of Diamond Weapon
    - The End of Shinra
    - Destruction of the Junon Mako Cannon - Meeting the Turks
    - The End of Doctor Hojo and the Jenova Project

    Final Fantasy VII - Episode VI: Ground Zero
    - The Final Confrontation at the Northern Crater
    - Endgame Content
    - Bonus Content (Optional Bosses/Dungeons ect.)
    - Side Quests
    - Connecting Save Files from all Episodes together to enable full complete World Map Traveling via the Highwind

    Final Fantasy VII - Episode VII: Stigmata
    - Two Years later
    - Geostigma
    - The Reunion
    - Rebirth of Sephiroth
    - Holy's Legacy
    - True Ending - Cloud's Relief - Farewell with Aerith's and Zack's Spirits