Thread: Free Agent Bug (CM16)

Free Agent Bug (CM16)

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    Free Agent Bug (CM16)

    So this is something that has been peeving me off for weeks now.

    In CM16, we all know that there are free agents -- players who don't play for a club. However, whenever I try to sign a free agent, and offer them a contract, as soon as I exit their profile it's as if I never offered them a contract, even though I get a message saying that they will respond promptly. They never do respond and end up signing for some Arabian club or something.

    Now, I haven't tried to sign a free agent since the latest patch update, so there's always the chance that this could already have been fixed. However, this has cost me many great players and I just want to let people know about it.

    My device is an iPhone 4S, my version is iOS 8.3 (12F70), and I haven't screenshotted this issue.

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    Oh and the in-game date is Wednesday the 7th of April, 2021.

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    This has been fixed in the latest update well at least i can confirm it has on android.

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    Hasn't been fixed for iOS.