Thread: Suggestion/Request for Improved Gameplay

Suggestion/Request for Improved Gameplay

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    Suggestion/Request for Improved Gameplay

    Hey there! I love the game - it is very fun. I enjoy the character weapons and moves as well as the teamplay.
    Ok, while playing, I have noticed that backing up into a corner or ledge where the character's back fills the screen, the view becomes almost completely obscured by the character and costs me some hits and even gets me hit by opponent's weapons in some cases. How about making the character fade to transparent when he/she becomes so close to the camera - enabling players to see through the character and concentrate on the actual shooting or leaping part? Also, especially on the ironsmith/metalworking stage, I notice my vampire character keeps hopping and is unable to climb - he just hops onto and back off (the reddish plants mainly) and I think it would work better if he/she could just climb over it/on top of it and onto hunting the hunters!
    Keep up the good work on the game!

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    Yeah, good idea.

    Nevertheless it was spoken a lot of times already. All. And idea of better aiming when character stick to the corners or walls, and idea to fix this ridiculous bench bugs with hopping/bowing vamp instead of climbing.

    Don't want to change this youthful ardor, or to kill a hope that our feedback means smth... But.

    But I'm still hoping too, dude.

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