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Thread: My 3rd playtrought i rank the episodes

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    My 3rd playtrought i rank the episodes

    After I finished the 3rd playtrought from ep1-ep5 I think its pretty easy to rank the episodes, from the best to the weakest. My final opinion of episodes.
    Episode1-Debut episode the best of the best- 10/10 never gonna forget syd matters obstacle max and chloé
    Epsiode2- never gonna forget the junkyard scenes, the two whale scenes with chloé and max 10/10
    Episode4-10/9.3 (one thing, I didn't liked how dontnod changed max and chloé younger version in the past.(in EP1 picture when they played pirates) original concept of the younger max and chloé was looked very different it was better.
    Episode3-10/9.2 it was awesome in every way...
    Episode5-10/7.9 ( I never gonna forget both ending but my favorite is SAB ending, syd matters obstacle and those scenes in SAB ending it was awesome ending I never gonna forget).
    (NOT because of the ENDINGS!) I think this is the weakest part of the game because of less chloé in action,somehow the whole episode was boring except the endings and the nightmare,and the back to the episode1 place(school) over and over again,chloé talk? in the last scene before you have to choose the endings (lighthouse) was pretty cheapshot by dontnod, yeah I know its a normal human behavior to say things in that situation like chloé have, but still its a video game, david turn to be a superhero, which I think its ugly. I never like Max telling about her power (time travel) to Warren it should be a choice.jefferson and the dark room scenes was somewhat boring and not good enough.It could be feature more Jefferson scene and or more... brutality, something is missing there. It would be good to choose to let Jefferson kill david and while they fight we could escape somehow in different way.
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    i thought the episode with chloe in wheelchair was the best i think it was the 4th one.

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