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Thread: Nosgoth Launcher Troubleshooting

Nosgoth Launcher Troubleshooting

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    It's great to see that people keep acknowledging the same problems over and over again without a single comment from the devs team...

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    Well, my unlink/relink/unlink/relink dance no longer works. Restarting the computer and trying everything again no longer works, either. I just get asked to accept the terms of service over and over but I never get the game to launch; I press the "PLAY" button, it goes gray, and then it goes red again.

    I've been encouraging to people who are frustrated with Nosgoth, I try to be nice to fellow players, and I try to appreciate what's good about the game.

    The only thing that's stopping me from playing the game is the game stopping me.

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    Nothing works... I tried everything, and the game launcher stays frozen, the play button stays grey and then turns red again. I will keep waiting for the fix update, if not I will not bother playing the game anymore.

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    Great, another player discouraged by the state of the game. Don't wait for a quick fix mate. It's been 3 weeks. The launcher is messed up, matchmaking is still questionable apparently, and the parties are broken to the point where it's impossible to play with friends... 3 weeks in this state, one small patch with some fixes was released 2 weeks ago, and nothing new since then. No word from the devs, no fix, simply nothing.
    And while nothing is done, the daily playerbase is decreasing alarmingly...

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    If i follow what is write here, when i log in using my sqare enix membership account, it doesn't work and it tell me "link your steam account to sqare enix membership" ....!!!! what i have to do??

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