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Lightning Returns FFXIII PC Bugs

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    Post Lightning Returns FFXIII PC Bugs

    Dear SE, i'm here to inform you that the game has some bugs that i discovered recently.I'l start from Dead Dunes.One of the bugs prevents me from teleporting in the correct locations through the cactuar statues.For me so far i had an issue where i chose the ''Sacred Gate'' and got teleported in the ''Golden Chamber'' instead.A friend also reported that, if he was to try to teleport to ''Dry Floodlands'', he would end up to ''Near God's Wrath''.At this point i would assume that there are many other possibilities out there, where the teleportation can get all mixed up.

    Now for the Wildlands.In Canopus Farms there is an issue with the patches that you open (4 of them max) in Serala's farm.There was an issue where for 1 day you could use all 4 patches, then next day just 2 of them, and the third day i happened to be able to use only 1 patch.Here's a small sample of the issue:

    Also today i found out another issue, where i already grew a Gysahl Green, and it was asking me to plant a seed on top of the grown up plant.


    And then there is some other weird bug where Lightning crouches down to grab the Gysahl Green, then stands up and nothing happens.She just can't grab it.I had to repeat that 2 times for her to grab it.Other times i had to repeat it for 3 times for her to grab it.Kinda random.

    Last issue i encountered.Some conversations are being repeated randomly in a kinda like....endless cycle.Hopefully you can break from the cycle if you skip it but that's not cool.And speaking of conversations, i try to talk to Hope by pressing ''talk to Hope'' and then tries to load the cutscene, but goes back to the same window where ''talk to Hope'' is included along with some other options.

    EDIT: I found a new issue where the sky glitches and flickers.When the clock hits ANY o'clock hour (1:00, 2:00 etc), a glitch appears in the sky.This glitch will keep up for 30 mins in-game time (1:30, 2:30 etc).Then disappears.For me the glitch wasn't as much as exposing, as it was for others with different monitors.I had to stand still and focus hard in the sky to notice it.Here's a video of it:

    Actually i wasn't the one who found it as i never noticed it myself, after a long time of gameplay (100+ hours).Exposing or not, it has to go.Consoles never had this issue.

    I really hope these issues are fixed.So far the game was one of my favorite FF games.It would be really a waste to just let the game be like that.
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    I have the same bug!

    Unfortunately the area in the Wildlands where you plant seeds to grow Gysahl Greens doesn't work properly. Sometimes it won't let you plant seeds, and when it does, they grow but it won't let you pick them up, it just asks you again if you want to plant seeds! Here is an image showing the problem: http://images.akamai.steamuserconten...4E36CA416A679/

    As you can see it's asking if I want to plant seeds when there is already a green there...

    There are alot of threads on Steam with users having the same problem:

    Please will someone look into this issue, because it's preventing us from completing quests that require greens...
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    This happened to me too!!! All my vegetable patches stopped working and I couldn't complete gysahl greens quest, please fix! :'(

    Did not happen on PS3!!! :'(