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Thread: RISE: The XXV Post-Mortem

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    Post RISE: The XXV Post-Mortem

    I completed the story (+ all optional tombs) and thought that it would be good to share some thoughts.

    Platform = 360
    Percentage complete = 81%
    Achievements = 30 (out of 50)

    I did not receive one single crash or game breaking bug. However, the 360 did crap itself a lot when loading many new areas, but it always sorted itself out. A big thumbs up for Nixxes!!!

    I was not too sure about the inclusion of these missions at first, but they were very well implemented (clear the cave, shoot the drones, etc). All in all, this new element was a welcome addition to the TR gamebook. Jacob was also an interesting and well voice-acted character.

    When this ability was introduced, I really thought that it would not work. Not only did it work, but it was almost perfect and VERY enjoyable. Combining arrow climbing with the new grapple axe and double axe climbing, really made for some fantastic vertical gameplay (the best I have yet seen).

    Now, we knew before RISE that swimming is seriously in need of making a return. The version that has been implemented really highlights how much free-roam swimming will be required in the next title (plus some bright sunny weather). However, I would like to finish off that the stealth killing section from under the ice was one of the best gaming moments EVER!!!

    The concept art (far right of the pic above) was by Toby Gard back in the days before even the first ever TR was made. The awesome & brutal guerrilla combat that is now present in RISE means that part of Toby's original vision has not been realized until now!

    Whilst playing I sensed some quite strong influences from some other awesome games, including Assassin's Creed II (the hidden Assassin's Tombs), Uncharted & Resident Evil 4 (there was even a merchant!!!).

    Another element that I wanted to write about is the fan service, or in the case of RISE, the lack of it. This is probably my only real complaint. TR 2013 finished with Lara wielding dual pistols, so I think it was fair to say that we expected to see them again in the follow up.

    Let's use James Bond as an example, 'Skyfall' started with a typical Bond intro sequence, had one of the classic cars make an appearance & most importantly, that classic Bond tune would play at just the right moments.

    RISE had almost NOTHING to speak of at all...The odd subtle nod now and again, perhaps in one or two of the optional tombs, would have gone a LONG WAY!!! For example, when entering the Cistern Tomb, it felt a little like the Cistern from TR 1. Watch & listen to the Cistern entry from the classic in the video below (skip to 1:15). Now, I would not expect the entire track in RISE, but a few bars maybe...It would have made many people smile from ear to ear.

    Also, skip to 6:20 in the video to remind yourself what proper swimming in TR feels like.

    Even the dual pistols could have been used in one of the optional tombs, for example, a remnant could have handed them over at the entrance & taken them back when leaving. Then, of course, there is Croft Manor that EVERYONE has been asking for!!!

    I wore the awesome Commando outfit (purchased from the supply shack merchant) for the majority of the game. If I played again I would go with the awesome Sacra Umbra outfit. Now...look at all those outfits in that pic above...Why wouldn't a version of the classic outfit be included?!?!?!?! I don't mean as DLC, but from day one??? Would it have hurt to include it???

    The TR heritage is a wonderful thing and it should be used to the advantage of the franchise in its modern form. I think J.J. Abrams understands the power of 'fan service' when it comes to building 'Star Wars: Episode VII'.

    Anyway, great job Crystal D...BRING ON THE NEXT GAME!!!
    "Aha!" - Lara Croft (1996).........."Arrrghhhh!" (2016)
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    For a bit of fun, here is a quick idea for something that would be a great piece of fan service for the 20th Anniversary. It would be awesome to have a standalone level (RISE DLC or even better, a standalone level to download) that is inspired by 'HOME SWEET HOME' from the end of TR2.

    Imagine a level built around Croft Manor (based on Hatfield House from the TR movies) and its surrounding grounds.
    Take a look at the two pictures at the bottom below. You could explore inside the manor and go out into the grounds, including the woods (see the bottom right pic). You could hunt deer, like in RISE (funnily enough, the field next to Hatfield House IS full of deer).

    This time Trinity could invade and Lara is forced to go & hunt them down in the woods & house. Take a look at that bottom left photo, there is even a lake for some underwater stealth takedowns and imagine the fun hunting Trinity in the maze!!!

    Allow Lara to wear the classic outfit & make her follow a tricky path through the mansion to locate & then use the DUAL PISTOLS!!!

    Provide about 1-2 hours gameplay & it would be awesome! As a twist, after completion, there could be a new mode that allows you to play as a male Trinity soldier, that gets hunted by Lara.

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