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Thread: Change the name of the new Zephonim map from 'The Nest' to 'Silenced Cathedral'

Change the name of the new Zephonim map from 'The Nest' to 'Silenced Cathedral'

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    Things is, the devs said they'd consider suggestions for the Vanguard's name, when it was the Shield Bearer; and unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case this time around.

    Originally Posted by Oghamsmith
    My lord I didn’t think there would be such distaste for the word “The” :P. I kid, you bring up a fair point regarding a bit of a trend with map naming schemes beginning to emerge. That probably won’t change with this release, but it’s something that we can bear in mind with any potential maps after this.
    If the devs are open to suggestions, I'd like to offer "The Spire" as an option.

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    so I just did some research on what the fancy term in latin is for spider nest and its Nidus. also Spiders sometimes hypnotize their mates to make of the babies. pretty cool seeing as how zephonim have that mind control ability. now we have justification for it if anyone is still peeved about that lol

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    Originally Posted by Vampmaster
    That's alright, was only spitballing. Unless you were opposed to the whole thing about the size of the land.
    Just meant all the alternative names proposed.

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    I still maintain more naming links to the actual LoK series is an essential element that is required.

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    Originally Posted by Vampmaster
    If it's the town surrounding the cathedral, how about calling it Domfreiheit?

    That sounds like a good name for a town and fits in with the germanic names a lot of locations in Nosgoth. I was originally looking for a word meaning the surrounding area of a cathedral, but could only find "Close", which would have just sounded lame, but that had a link to Domfreiheit. I'd lost the 'the' part though.
    Um...Where is there a town around the cathedral? It's surrounded by unsettled mountain (albeit some of which was apparently carved into) and enclosed entirely behind a gate bearing a Reaver sigil. I rather like "Domfreiheit" though. Brings some of that Germanic sound to Nosgoth. If sticking with a "The _____" variant, Gugulug's "The Warrens" ('warrens' being 'a network of interconnecting burrows') fits better than The Nest. This place seems less a proper nesting ground and more a temporary little hobbit hole - one of eventually many, the text might imply - on the way to taking the Cathedral.

    @Eyokir: I simply doubt copy-pasting old names will work up much if any interest from Nosgoth players. The type who mainly go in for this competitive e-sports stuff aren't the type to care for complicated single-player story affairs. Visual links like the Zephon statue, lore links, these flesh things out in an interesting way or add new things. As far as naming, Nosgoth ought to flesh out the world rather than constrain it by sticking to old titles for new regions.

    Originally Posted by KaininitePriestess
    Actually, Sommerdamm is a part of Meridian, so not all of the maps are part of completely new, unexplored areas.

    Long story short, The Silenced Cathedral is a part of the Cathedral and should keep that name since it's already been named in canon and doesn't need a new one.
    Sommerdamm is a defensive fort built a mile out from Meridian's walls. Hardly a part of it.

    And The Silenced Cathedral is indeed a part of the cathedral - in fact, the entirety of it. But this still seems a separate area.
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    I will have to also agree on changing the name to the Silenced Cathedral. The reason for that being: this map already has a name in the official lore. It is the Silenced Cathedral and should be named as such.

    The "Fane" and "Crucible" names were fine for the Turelim/Razielim map because we didn't have the name of those official territories yet, unlike the Cathedral where do know the name in the lore. This is something that definitely should be changed.
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