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Thread: What's EIDOS best game series?

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    Question What's EIDOS best game series?

    What do you think is the best game series EIDOS ever created?

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    Jul 2001
    Tomb Raider all the way!

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    Thief, Thief, Thief, Thief, Thief, Thief, Thief, Thief, THIEF ALL THE WAY!!
    "The fear of God makes a Hero - the fear of man makes a coward." ~ Alvin York

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    Jul 2001
    It doesn't say THief it says THeif.

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    Jun 2002

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    Legacy of Kain, baby!!

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    1) I see no startopia
    2) Buy all eidos games they're great (RegLegg howza that admin postition... )

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    Tomb Raider, of course.

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    Originally posted by MountainDewNut
    Tomb Raider, of course.
    I'll agree that

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    Well....TR is way ahead at the moment...

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    Dec 2001
    You are obviously ignorant to the world of Nosgoth.

    It is the Legacy of Kain series, of course.


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    the one the only...LoK

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    Originally posted by eTux

    I'll agree that
    Me too...

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    Kain wails upon Lara harder than anyone has ever wailed upon anyone in the history of wailing upon someone really hard.... ever...

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    Absolutely, positively, completely unfair!

    FINAL FANTASY VII was put out by Eidos and it is the greatest Fantasy RPG ever created. All of them created since then have been disappointing although Final Fantasy XI just might be different...multiplayer online game.

    Why wasn't it on your list? It is on this Eidos Forum you know. That should tell you something!


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    Jun 2002

    It was a tough choice, but...

    It was either Legacy of Kain or TimeSplitters. After a bit of thought, I chose TimeSplitters.
    The President has been kidnapped by ninjas!
    Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?

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    Y'all must not have played Deus Ex

    which, by the way, has an S in it

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    We should get the Deus Exers over here to lend support.


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    Sep 2001

    Re: I had to do it...

    Originally posted by *m*
    My fiancé is partial to the Commandos games though. I hear there's a third one coming out. Does anyone know if it will be just for PC, or will it be released on a console as well?
    From what we know now, it's pc only. Probably summer 2003.

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    Thanks for the info @m. That's what I figured since the first two were PC only.

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    Nov 1999


    Originally posted by gamergirl
    which, by the way, has an S in it
    I think you need better glasses

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    Wink Glasses

    Are these OK?

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    Big Grin

    TOMB RAIDER (obviosly)

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    fans fight for their favorite, START

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    I wrote a haiku just for this thread:

    Thief Thief Thief Thief Thief ,
    Thief Thief Thief Thief Thief Thief Thief,
    Thief Thief Thief Thief Thief.

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    God Guest
    I rather enjoy the Legacy of Kain series.

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